Date & Time Seminar Speaker Supplementary Information
07-09-2017 Spike clusters for the 1D and 2D Gierer-Meinhardt system Dr. Matthias Winter
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15-08-2017 High Degree Immersed Finite Element Spaces by a Least Squares Method Mr. Ruchi Guo
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09-08-2017 Statistical inference using differentially private bi-degree sequence and synthetic directed graphs Dr. Ting Yan
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03-08-2017 Well-posedness and Optimal Regularity of Stochastic Evolution Equations with Multiplicative Noises Dr. Zhihui Liu
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14-06-2017 Epidemiology and risk of avian influenza Dr Peng WU
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14-06-2017 Covariate‐Adjusted Tensor Classification in High‐Dimensions Dr. Qing Mai
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05-06-2017 Stochastic First-Order Methods in Data Analysis and Reinforcement Learning Dr. Mendi Wang
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04-05-2017 Numerical analysis and computational solution of integro-differential Equations Prof. Hermann Brunner
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05-04-2017 Stability and convergence of time discretizations of quasi-linear evolution equations of Kato type Dr. Balázs Kovács
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