Date & Time Seminar Speaker Supplementary Information
15-05-2020 Statistical Learning by Stochastic Gradient Descent Dr. Yunwen Lei
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31-03-2020 A multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method with Beam-Warming scheme for coupled chemotaxis-fluid model Dr. Xuguang Yang
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24-03-2020 Maximum bound principle preserving integrating factor Runge{Kutta methods for semilinear evolution equations Dr. Xiao Li
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04-03-2020 A Mean Field Game of Optimal Portfolio Liquidation Dr. Fu Guanxing
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20-01-2020 Numerical Methods For Phase-field Models Dr. Li Xiao
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16-01-2020 Empirical Dynamic Modeling in Environmental Epidemiology Dr. Tian Linwei
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08-01-2020 Anderson Acceleration: Convergence Theory and Numerical Experience Prof. Tim Kelley
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