Date & Time Seminar Speaker Supplementary Information
24-10-2018 L2 error estimates for wave equations with dynamic boundary Dr. Balázs Kovács
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09-10-2018 Nonsmooth DC Optimization: Methods and Applications Dr. Adil Baghirov
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04-10-2018 Solution landscapes of Nematic Liquid Crystal Professor Lei Zhang
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11-09-2018 Computation of point sets on the sphere with good separation, covering or polarization Professor Rob Womersley
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05-09-2018 SPIDER: Near-Optimal Non-Convex Optimization via Stochastic Path Integrated Differential Estimator Dr. Junchi Li
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03-09-2018 Short- and long-term relative arbitrage in stochastic portfolio theory Dr. Martin Larsson
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03-09-2018 Volatility and Arbitrage Dr. Johannes Ruf
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27-08-2018 First-order methods for large-scale optimization Professor Zhaosong Lu
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20-08-2018 Spectral Stability of Travelling Fronts: Essential and Absolute Spectrum Dr. Robert Marangell
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14-05-2018 The Value of Informational Arbitrage Dr. Claudio Fontana
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