Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
10-12-2018 Testing mediation effect in high-dimensional compositional microbiome data Professor Lei Liu
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07-12-2018 Improved Optimization Methods for Image Registration Problems Professor Yuan Jinyun
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06-12-2018 High Order Numerical Methods for Shallow Water Wave Simulation Professor Wai-Sun Don
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05-12-2018 Extremal Centralizers and their Applications Alexander E. Guterman
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29-11-2018 Implicit Functions, Metric Regularity, and Applications Professor Asen L. Dontchev
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23-11-2018 Simulation of nonlinear SPDEs: Convergence Analysis and Adaptivity Professor Andreas Prohl
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20-11-2018 Optimal basis algorithm and its application to interpolation and matrix scaling Professor Oleg Burdakov
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14-11-2018 Cross diffusion equations Professor Laurent Desvillettes
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12-11-2018 Sufficient conditions for the existence of exact penalty in constrained optimization Professor Alexander Zaslavski
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08-11-2018 Convergence to the Mean Field Game Limit: A Case Study Professor Marcel Nutz
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