Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
17-05-2021 The Keller-Segel system of chemotaxis, finite element method, and finite volume method Prof. Norikazu Saito
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13-05-2021 Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems Prof. Jiongmin Yong
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10-05-2021 Parametric finite element methods for curvature driven interface evolution Prof. Harald Garcke
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10-05-2021 A positivity preserving, energy stable and convergent numerical scheme for the Poisson-Nernst-Planck system Prof. Cheng Wang
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07-05-2021 Bayesian joint modeling for multivariate longitudinal and survival data with random change-points Prof. Yangxin Huang
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30-04-2021 Ada Boost Semiparametric Model Averaging Prediction for Multiple Categories Dr. Jialiang Li
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28-04-2021 Stabilised finite element methods for ill-posed elliptic problems Prof. Erik Burman
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23-04-2021 RaSE: Random Subspace Ensemble Classification Dr. Yang Feng
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22-04-2021 Normalized gradient flow for computing ground states of Bose-Einstein condensates Prof. Yongyong Cai
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22-04-2021 Hamiltonian system with singular Hamiltonians Prof. Shi Jin
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