Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
24-08-2018 Quasineutral Limit of Drift-diffusion Models for Semiconductors and the Related Models Professor Shu Wang
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26-07-2018 Oscillator death induced by amplitude-dependent coupling in repulsively coupled oscillators Professor Liu Weiqing
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03-07-2018 Traveling wave solutions for a bacteria system with density-suppressed motility Professor Roger Lui
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27-06-2018 Asymptotic behavior and blow-up of solutions for infinitely degenerate semi-linear parabolic equations with logarithmic nonlinearity Professor Hua Chen
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25-06-2018 Expectation-maximization and Stochastic Expectation‐maximization Algorithms for System Reliability Data Analysis Professor Ng Hon Keung Tony
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20-06-2018 Directed networks with a noisy bi-degree sequence Professor Ting Yan
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15-06-2018 Skew-symmetric differentiation matrices and spectral methods on the real line Professor Arieh Iserles
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01-06-2018 Recent Results on Multiply Monotone Radial Functions Professor Martin Buhmann
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31-05-2018 Truncated primal-dual iterative methods for large-scale nonlinear least squares Professor Serge Gratton
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29-05-2018 A Stackelberg Order Execution Game Professor Donglei Du
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