Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
06-08-2020 Adaptive multi-fidelity surrogate modeling for Bayesian inference in inverse problems Prof. ZHOU Tao
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29-05-2020 Non-monotone Transformation of Biomarkers to Improve Diagnostic and Screening Accuracy in a DNA Methylation Study with Trichotomous Phenotypes Dr. Jialiang Li
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29-05-2020 Localized Exponential Time Differencing Methods: Algorithms and Analysis Prof. Lili Ju
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28-05-2020 The non-iterative multi-physics domain decomposition method for coupled free flow and porous media flow problem Dr. Xiaoming He
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26-05-2020 Local and global structures of transmission eigenfunctions and applications to super-resolution imaging and electromagnetic mirage Prof. Hongyu Liu
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26-05-2020 Variable Screening for Censored Survival Data Dr. Jinfeng Xu
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14-05-2020 Structure preserving numerical methods for phase-field equations Prof. Jiang YANG
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13-05-2020 On the optimal control of variational-hemivariational inequalities Prof. Yi-bin Xiao
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13-05-2020 PDE-based models in machine learning Prof. Shi Zuoqiang
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11-05-2020 Multilevel Joint Modeling of Hospitalization and Survival in Patients on Dialysis Esra Kurum
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