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Ir Prof. Zheng Yongping


Ir Prof. Zheng Yongping

Henry G. Leong Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Director of Research Institute for Smart Ageing
Founder of Telefield Medical Imaging Limited and Elieling Technology Limited
Doctor of Philosophy (1997)
Outstanding Alumni Award in Scholarly Achievement of PolyU Graduate School (2022)
Outstanding Research Postgraduate Alumni Award (2022)

Ir Prof. Zheng Yongping is an entrepreneurial scholar who puts his groundbreaking research into medical practice. He has obtained more than 50 patents, and was ranked among the world’s top 2% most-cited scientists in rankings compiled by Stanford University in 2021, 2022 and 2023. His globally acknowledged inventions greatly facilitate the diagnosis and early treatment of scoliosis; Scolioscan® is an example. As the first and the only ultrasound scoliosis assessment system in the world, it has been used in hospitals and clinics in Europe, Australia, Mainland China and Hong Kong. For his significant contributions in the field of "Life and Health", Prof. Zheng was awarded the inaugural BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize (STIP). In 2023, two biomedical start-ups co-founded by him - Eieling Medical and Telefield Medical Imaging - were also listed in Forbes Asia 100 To Watch. [More]


Zheng Yongping|Technology Innovation Awards|PolyU alumni

Having earned technology innovation awards and filed patents, Ir Prof. Zheng Yongping is an entrepreneurial scholar who puts his research into medical practice

The Technology Innovation Awards: Celebrating Technological Excellence

The PolyU Alumni Technology Innovation Awards honor excellent

accomplishments in the fields of technology and innovation. The ground-breaking achievements and outstanding contributions of those who have excelled in technical growth are celebrated by these distinguished prizes. Professor Zheng Yongping, a visionary figurehead and pioneer in the fields of biomedical engineering and research into intelligent aging, is one of the prestigious winners.

The Technology Innovation Awards honor the constant quest for innovation across a range of technological fields. They give recognition to those who have significantly contributed to their areas and who have shown extraordinary innovation, vision, and influence. These prizes offer a venue for showcasing and honoring innovative technological accomplishments with the potential to influence the future.

The emphasis on cutting-edge technology and transformative innovation is what distinguishes the Technology Innovation Awards from other competitions. The prizes honor innovations with the potential to upend industries, enhance people's lives, and advance society as a whole. They present a wide spectrum of technological developments, including those in biotechnology, renewable energy, smart cities, and artificial intelligence.

Candidates must have a history of technological innovation, leadership, and influence in order to be considered for the Technology Innovation Awards. They should have a track record of successfully realizing their ideas and making a big impact in their fields. The prizes are given to people who have not only created novel technologies but also applied them in useful ways to solve problems in the real world.

The Technology Innovation Awards have a large number of outstanding awardees right now in Hong Kong. As examples of the city's thriving and dynamic innovation ecosystem, these people and organizations have been honored for their ground-breaking contributions to technological growth. Their efforts cut across numerous industries, illuminating the breadth and depth of Hong Kong's technical innovation.

Professor Zheng Yongping, the winner of the Outstanding Research Postgraduate Alumni Award (2022) and the Distinguished Alumni Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate (2022), is a model of excellence in the field of technological innovation. Professor Zheng has made outstanding contributions to the fields of biomedical engineering and research on intelligent aging as the Leung Huen Kei Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director of the Institute for Intelligent Ageing, and the founder of Terfil Medical Imaging Limited and AllSense Technology Limited. His ground-breaking work has transformed medical imaging techniques and advanced solutions for intelligent aging.

The biomedical engineering advances made by Dr. Zheng have transformed the area of medical imaging. His innovative research and development work has produced cutting-edge imaging methods that increase diagnostic precision and better patient care. Dr. Zheng has successfully crossed the gap between technology and medicine through his creative work, resulting in seismic shifts in the healthcare sector. His improvements in medical imaging have helped patients, but they have also advanced medical innovation and research as a whole.

Dr. Zheng's work as the Director of the Institute for Aging Research, in addition to his accomplishments in biomedical engineering, demonstrates his commitment to tackling the problems brought on by aging populations. He has developed cutting-edge technologies and methods to improve the quality of life for senior citizens through the creation of intelligent aging solutions. Dr. Zheng has developed systems and gadgets that support healthy aging, individualized care, and independent living by utilizing cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and data analytics. His work has received recognition on a global scale and established him as a top expert in the area of intelligent aging.

The prestigious Technology Innovation Awards have been given to Dr. Zheng Yongping for his remarkable contributions and successes in the domains of biomedical engineering and intelligent aging remedies. His innovative research, game-changing technology, and dedication to enhancing healthcare and aging populations have had a profound effect. Dr. Zheng's inspirational leadership and steadfast commitment to technological innovation have transformed the entire industry in addition to helping individuals. His work highlights the value of pushing the limits of technology to address societal issues and enhance lives while also inspiring future innovators.

Questions and Answers about the Technology Innovation Awards

1. The Technology Innovation Awards are what?

The prestigious Technology Innovation Awards honor remarkable accomplishments and developments in the fields of innovation and technology.

2. The Technology Innovation Awards are organized by

A famous organization devoted to fostering technological developments and innovation, [insert organizational institution], is responsible for arranging the Technology Innovation Awards.

3. Why do the Technology Innovation Awards exist?

The purpose of the Technology Innovation Awards is to recognize and reward those people or groups who have made noteworthy contributions to technical development, innovation, and bringing about positive change across a range of industries.

4. What distinguishes the Technology Innovation Awards?

The focus on ground-breaking technologies, transformative ideas, and their potential to have a significant influence on society and industries makes the Technology Innovation Awards unique.

5. How are the Technology Innovation Awards winners chosen?

A thorough evaluation procedure that includes expert panels, business executives, and technology specialists determines the winners of the Technology Innovation Awards. Technological innovation, its effect on society or industry, and commercial feasibility are frequently included in the selection criteria.

6. What are the Technology Innovation Awards' categories?

A wide range of categories, including but not limited to information technology, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, clean energy, healthcare, and sustainable development, are covered by the Technology Innovation Awards.

7. Are applicants for the Technology Innovation Awards permitted from any nation?

Yes, those who have produced significant technological developments and innovations from all around the world are eligible for the Technology Innovation Awards.

8. How can I submit a candidate or group for the Technology Innovation Awards?

The official nomination process, which is handled by the organizing institution, is normally used to accept nominations for the Technology Innovation Awards. On the official prize website, certain requirements and submission procedures are listed.

9. What advantages do the Technology Innovation Awards offer?

Winning the Technology Innovation Awards significantly increases the honorees' exposure, credibility, and reputation for their technological achievements. Additionally, it may result in networking opportunities, team projects, and prospective sources of capital or investment.

10. In what ways do the Technology Innovation Awards advance innovation and technology?

A key factor in encouraging and supporting technology development and innovation is the Technology Innovation Awards. By highlighting outstanding accomplishments, they stimulate additional study, creation, and investment in cutting-edge technologies, promoting the advancement and constructive change across numerous industries.

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