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 FAQ for Alumni


  1. When would PolyU graduates become PolyU alumni?

    All bona fide graduates who have successfully completed regular full-time or part-time programmes offered by PolyU, including its forerunners and constituent units, which led to academic awards accredited by the respective institution would automatically become PolyU alumni. No application is required.


  3. Why do I need to update my personal information?

    You are encouraged to keep your profile up to date to stay connected with PolyU and receive news about the latest development of the University as well as events, benefits and services offered to the alumni community.

    In the Update Profile webpage, please sign in with your Alumni NetID or social account, you may view and update your personal information, including contact, career, education and interest.


  5. What is Alumni NetID?

    NetID is a unique personal identifier and key to access the online systems of the University. 

    For PolyU alumni who graduated in 2011 or after, your Student NetID would automatically become Alumni NetID.

    For PolyU alumni who graduated before 2011 or Graduates of HKCC/ SPEED with PolyU award, please click here to register for Alumni NetID.

    If you have completed more than one degree in PolyU, you may have more than one NetID. Please contact the Alumni Affairs Office at to confirm which one is your Alumni NetID.


  7. What if I do not have my Alumni NetID or PolyU Connect email account?

    Please visit the Alumni NetID Registration webpage and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Upon successful registration and receipt of your Alumni NetID, you will be able to use it to sign in “My Profile & eCard” . 

    Please click here to apply for PolyU Connect email account. 


  9. What if I have forgotten my Alumni NetID?

    For PolyU alumni graduated on and after 2011, your Student NetID would automatically become Alumni NetID.

    For PolyU alumni graduated before 2011 or HKCC/ SPEED alumni with PolyU award, you may search your personal email with the keyword “Completion of NetID Registration” in the email subject to retrieve your Alumni NetID.

    For enquiries, please send email to You may be requested to provide your graduation certificate and identification documents for verification for retrieval of your Alumni NetID.


  11. What if I have forgotten my NetPassword?

    Please visit the Alumni NetPassword Reset webpage and follow the instructions to complete the password reset process.

    If you use “PolyU Connect email account” as your personal email, please contact the Alumni Affairs Office to reset your password. Please provide your personal details including your External Email, Surname, Given Name, Alumni NetID, and send the information to


  13. What is PolyU Alumni eCard?

    PolyU Alumni eCard serves as a photo identification for PolyU graduate, with which you can gain access to campus and enjoy specified alumni privileges.


  15. How can I apply for my Alumni eCard?

    Please have your Alumni NetID ready.  Sign in “My Profile & eCard” to create your Alumni eCard - simply upload your digital photo and update your personal details.  Upon submission, you can view the eCard right away. Thereafter you can sign in the webpage and retrieve your eCard whenever necessary. Watch this video for details.


  17. How can I access the PolyU campus?

    PolyU alumni are welcome to visit their alma mater.

    You can use your PolyU Alumni eCard. When you arrive at the entrance, simply click “Campus Access QR Code” and then scan your one-day QR code at the turnstile to enter PolyU.

    Alternatively, you can sign in Alumni Campus Access Registration (ACAR) system with your Alumni NetID to obtain a QR code in advance, which also enables your direct campus access via turnstiles.

    If you are a holder of Library Card or Sports Facilities User Card, you can scan the bar code on your card at the turnstile.

    You can also present your  “Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations Card” or “PolyU VISA Card to the Information Counter for access registration.

    You can bring in your guests. There is no quota for the number of your guests. You may get their QR codes via ACAR in advance, or go to the Information Counter for their access registration.

    For enquiries, please contact Alumni Affairs Office at 2766 4117 or


  19. How can I give back to PolyU?

    Thank you for giving back to your alma mater! Your generous donation will inspire PolyU students to make long-term contributions to society.

    You can choose different ways to support PolyU. You can make donations through the online platform or download the donation form. If you want to support PolyU in other ways, please click here to contact us.


  21. How can I apply for a transcript of studies, testimonial, certification of award or certification of true copy?

    For application forms and details, please visit the website of the Academic Registry. For enquiries, please contact the Academic Registry at 2333 0600.


  23. How can I apply for "PolyU Visa Card (For Graduates Only)"?

    The "PolyU Visa Card (For Graduates Only)" is dedicated to PolyU alumni. Every time you spend on your PolyU Visa Card, the Bank of East Asia will contribute a percentage to PolyU. Please click here to visit the designated BEA webpage for details and application.


  25. How can I apply for "Federation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic Alumni Associations (FHKPUAA) Card"?

    Get a "FHKPUAA Card" to enjoy special privileges and discounts. Please click here for details and application. For enquiries, please call 2766 5123.


  27. Which alumni organizations can I join?

    The Federation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Alumni Associations Ltd strives to promote the welfare and common interests of all of the 40 member alumni associations, and to support further development of the University. Please click here for the list of alumni associations, and join respective alumni association of your discipline to expand your network.


  29. I will be residing, working or studying in China or overseas. Can I contact or join relevant alumni associations?

    Please visit the designated pages of Mainland Alumni Networks or Overseas Alumni Associations to find out more.


  31. What services and campus facilities can I use after graduation?

    As a PolyU alumni, you can enjoy various alumni discounts and services, including networking opportunities, continuing education, and access to campus facilities etc. Please click here for details.


  33. Can I use the Library?

    All PolyU graduates are eligible to apply for a Library Card (Graduate) and an Off-Campus Access Library Number (Graduate). Federation of PolyU Alumni Associations and PolyU VISA cardholders are eligible for special discounts on their annual fees. For enquiries or assistance, please contact Pao Yue-kong Library at 2766 6864 or send email to


  35. Can I use the sports facilities on campus or the joint school sports center?

    Graduates can apply for the "Alumni Sports Facilities User Card" which give access to the sports facilities on the PolyU campus and in the Joint School Sports Center. Please click here for details.


  37. Can I take wedding photos on PolyU campus?

    Alumni who would like to take wedding photos on PolyU campus are required to submit application at least one month prior to the shooting. Permission for wedding photography will be given on Sundays and statutory public holidays outside the examination and Congregation period. Please click here for details, regulation and application.


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