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Prof. Wing-tak Wong
Open Platform for University Scholars

Prof. Wong Wing-tak

Deputy President and Provost & Chair Professor of Chemical Technology

Education and Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, The University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Philosophy, The University of Hong Kong
  • Doctor of Science, University of Cambridge
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Professional Qualifications

  • Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Chartered Scientist
  • Chartered Chemist

Research Overview

My research areas mainly include the development of molecular probes for biological imaging and X-ray crystallography. A wide range of lanthanide-based materials have been developed for optical and magnetic resonance imaging applications while their fundamental properties are thoroughly investigated for performance optimization.

Research Interests

  • Lanthanide Complexes for MR Imaging
  • Molecular Probes for Chemical Imaging
  • Nanostructures for Ion Sensing
  • X-Ray Crystallography


  • 2000                Doctor of Science, University of Cambridge, UK
  • 2001                Outstanding Young Researcher Award, HKU
  • 2002                Croucher Senior Research Fellowship, The Croucher Foundation
  • 2003                Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award, HKU
  • 2008                Outstanding Researcher Award, HKU
  • 2012                Outstanding Achievement Award in Scientific Research for Institution of Higher Education of China
  • 2015                Gold Award, 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
  • 2020         Ministry of Education Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award, Second-class Award in Natural Science
  • Wong WT, Chan WY "Optimized relaxivity and specificity hepatobiliary MRI contrast agent". U.S. Patent 7,767,196. 3 Aug 2010.
  • Yung KF, Wong WT, Kwong TL "Methods and catalysts for green biodiesel production from unrefined low grade feedstock". U.S. Patent 9,694,350. 4 Jul 2017.
  • Yung KF, Wong WT, Kwong TL "Methods and catalysts for green biodiesel production from unrefined low grade feedstock". European Patent 3274298. 9 Oct 2019.
  • Yung KF, Wong WT, Kwong TL, Lau PC "Catalyst and method for biodiesel production from unrefined low-grade oil and crude aqueous alcohols". U.S. Patent 20180265446A1. 
  1. Lui KH, Li S, Lo WS, Gu Y, Wong WT. In vivo photoacoustic imaging for monitoring treatment outcome of corneal neovascularization with metformin eye drops Biomedical Optics Express. 2021; 12(6): 3597-3606.
  2. Li S, Lui KH, Li X, Fang X, Lo WS, Gu Y, Wong WT. pH-triggered poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(lactic acid)/glycolic acid)/croconaine nanoparticles-assisted multiplexed photoacoustic imaging and enhanced photothermal cancer therapy ACS Applied Bio Material 2021; 4: 4152-4164.
  3. Fang X, Wu X, Li Z, Jiang L, Lo W, Chen G, Gu Y, Wong WT. Biomimetic anti-PD-1 peptide-loaded 2D FePSe3 nanosheets for efficient photothermal and enhanced immune therapy with multimodal MR/PA/thermal imaging. Advanced Science, 2020; 8(2): 2003041.
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  • Long N. J. Wong WT. "The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging". Indianapolis (IN): Wiley; 2015 (Editor)
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