Registration, Payment, Booking and Photo-taking

  1. PolyU-award holders: Login the online registration system with your PolyU NetID.
    PolyU-HKCC & PolyU-SPEED award holders: Login the online registration system with your Student ID.
  2. Complete the online registration form.
  3. Indicate your payment method (credit card or cheque) on the registration form.
  4. Submit the form and make payment.
  5. Check your email for the “email confirmation” 3 working days after successful payment.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email to schedule your photo-taking date and time on the online booking system. Each participant can book one time-slot only.
  7. Booking for each time-slot closes 5 days in advance.
  8. You may login the online booking system to reschedule your photo-taking date and time at least 5 days before your scheduled appointment.
  9. Please prepare your own full set of PolyU’s academic gown for photo-taking. Prop certificates and special props will be provided and you may bring your own accessories for photo-taking. Please refer to the website of Academic Secretariat or call 3118 4396 / 3105 5009 for details of gown hiring.


  1. 理大應屆畢業生:以 PolyU NetID 登入網上報名系統。
  2. 填妥網上報名表格。
  3. 於報名表格選擇利用信用卡或郵寄支票付款。
  4. 提交表格並付款。
  5. 於成功付款後3個工作天查收「成功報名通知書」電郵。
  6. 按「成功報名通知書」上的指示,於「網上預約系統」選擇拍攝日期及時段。每位參加者只可選擇一個拍攝時段。
  7. 各個拍攝時段均於5天前停止接受預約。
  8. 如欲更改已選擇的拍攝日期及時段,請於原預約日的5天前登上「網上預約系統」進行更改。
  9. 參加者必須自備理大畢業袍進行拍攝。我們將提供道具證書及創意道具供拍攝之用。如有需要,參加者可自備花束或玩偶等配合拍攝。有關租借畢業袍事宜,請瀏覽教務處網頁或致電3118 4396 / 3105 5009查詢。
查詢 Enquiry
電話 Tel: 2766 4102 / 2766 4117
電郵 Email: