Academic Advising Funding for Mini Projects (Second Round)

Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC)

The Outstanding Study Plan Competition of the ITC encouraged freshmen to set academic, personal and career goals so as to direct their focus. 60 out of 112 students has submitted their study plan and five outstanding study plans were selected by their Year Tutors. This activity has also facilitated the progress of Academic Advising. The Site Visit for Freshmen to a design-oriented place in Sham Shui Po and technology-oriented company in China enabled students to gain practical insight of the fashion industry and map out their future direction and learning path.


Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC)

The Academic Advising Orientation for Senior Year Admitted Student of ITC provided an effective platform for the Senior Year students to meet the final year students and their Academic Advisors. It also enabled the students to understand the Academic Advising support by the department as well as the requirements in ITC and PolyU. The Training Pack for ITC Student Ambassador 2015/16 provided the key information for future training of student ambassadors.


School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM)

In the activity, "The 3W1H of my WIE: A treasure-hunt journey for career development" of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, five senior students were invited to share their internship experience in Hong Kong and Mainland with 228 first year students and Academic Advisors. The event has successfully connected the first year students with their Academic Advisors. The important role of Academic Advisor was also highlighted.


School of Nursing (SN)

The e-booklet published by the School of Nursing showcased the successful stories of six Academic Advisors together with the sharing of the students on their views on the academic advising and their university life. This e-booklet serves as an e-learning resource for both Academic Advisors and freshmen to understand more about the Student Academic Advising (SAA) system of the School. A survey report on how to enhance the Student Academic Advising (SAA) system was also included.


School of Optometry (SO)

The White Coat Ceremony, first ever in history of the School of Optometry, was a delivery of ‘White Coat’ to all the freshmen by the Head of School. A sharing session was followed by the matching of Academic Advisors and their responsible students. Two workshops on "How to Excel in Clinical Optometry: Views from Academic Advisors" and "Characteristics of a Successful Optometry Practice: Views from Model Optometric" were held to facilitate student’s understanding of essential qualities the programme looked for optometry practice. It helped to facilitate a smooth transition from pre-clinical training to clinical trainings through academic advising.


Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

In collaboration with BME Students’ Society, the Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering (BME), one of our six funded projects successfully organized an academic advising activity “BME Annual Dinner 2015” on 17 April 2015. The objective of the annual dinner was to enhance the senses of belonging and prepare students for future careers. Around 100 industrial and clinical guests, alumni, academic staff and BME undergraduate students participated in the annual dinner. Through the activity, students could network with their potential future employers in the industry and gain a deeper understanding of the industry of their preferred career.

BME also successfully organized an academic advising activity titled “Workshop for Study Concentration and Overseas Exchange Selection” for Year 2 students on 13 May 2015. The objective was to assist students on making informed decisions on their study options.


Academic Advising Funding for Mini Projects (First Round)

Department of Applied Physics (AP)

Dr. K.W. Kwok held three sessions of welcome gathering for AP freshmen in the first two weeks of the academic year 2014/15. The objective of the welcome gathering is to provide an opportunity for the advisees to know each other, and to get acquainted with their advisors in a relaxed atmosphere. During the gathering, study information and the graduation requirements were discussed with AP freshmen. The welcome gathering helped advisors to build an early connection with the students, promoting their affiliation to the department. The welcome gathering provided good opportunities to build good relationship that can facilitate the contact with students for providing advice and guidance to them.


Department of Building Services Engineering (BSE)

Dr. Roger Ng and Dr. M. Y. Chan are going to publish an e-platform on Blackboard for facilitating academic advising activities in BSE. There are three features in the new e-platform:

1) A video on 4-year degree curriculum and academic advising structure to introduce students basic concepts about academic advising activities and demonstrate how student selects different subjects/ courses to fulfill the General University Requirement and major/minor studies/ free electives;

2) An e-appointment system for academic advising meetings will be created for students to get connected with their academic advisors. Students can see their advisors’ available meeting schedules on the system;

3) Students could also make a video conference appointment with advisors using the e-platform. Students who cannot show up in any time slots for some reasons such as timetable clashes, oversea exchange, study leave for internship could also meet with their advisors through PolyU existing teleconference software.

This new e-platform facilitates academic advising in department which offers a caring and supportive student-centered learning environment.


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE)

Dr. Y. M. Tang, Prof. C. Y. Tang and Dr. Gary Tsui held a career opportunity and career planning seminar on 6 October 2014. Two industry experts, Ir. Richard Tse, Member of HKIE, and Mr. Ricky Yeung, Chairman & CEO of Sharpwell Technology Ltd, were invited to talk to ISE students on career opportunity and how students could plan their career in Hong Kong industry. During the seminar, Ir. Tse and Mr. Yeung helped ISE students to understand the Industrial and Systems Engineering disciplines in Hong Kong and helped them to recognize the career opportunities and professional development. Two guest speakers, Ir. Tse and Mr. Yeung, shared with ISE students on how to plan for their career; and this activity also promoted a sense of belonging between department and students.

Also on 24 November 2014 (Monday), Dr. Y. M. Tang, Prof. C. Y. Tang and Dr. Gary Tsui from Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) invited Product Engineering with Marketing (PEM) graduates to share the Hong Kong industries and professional development path, as well as final year students to share their WIE experience.


Department of Management & Marketing (MM)

Dr. Ricky Chan, Dr. Pamsy Hui and Dr. Ivy Chen held three student-oriented workshops on three popular topics in advising MM students: 1) Participation in business competition, 2) Enrolment in a minor programme, and 3) Application for exchange, on 5 September, 15 October and 22 October, 2014, respectively. To enable students to better prepare for their academic development, academic advisors and senior year students were invited to share important information with students. Senior students were also invited to share their experience in competitions, minor study and exchange. During the workshops, students were able to familiarize themselves with the relevant academic regulations and discuss their interests and concerns with others.


Institute of Textiles & Clothing (ITC)

Dr. K.L. Yick and Dr. Joanne Yip held an Orientation Workshop for ITC senior year intake freshmen on 28 August 2014. The Orientation Workshop aimed to help students to get familiar with the academic advising system at ITC, the support services available at PolyU, the Year Tutors, and the Academic Advisors, etc. During the workshop, Dr. Yick introduced the curriculum and the requirements of the programme to students. Dr. Yip led some ITC senior year students to provide useful academic information in supporting freshmen. Hence, students could map out their individual learning path and future direction. In addition, there was an ITC tour for freshmen to get familiar with PolyU facilities, a talk about PolyU counselling service by SAO counsellor, and a talk about academic advising service and the General University Requirements in PolyU by OGUR academic counsellor. After the orientation workshop, ITC freshmen were able to connect with ITC staff, PolyU facilities and services at the beginning of the academic year which could also promote a sense of belonging between department and students.

In addition, Dr. K.L. Yick and Dr. Joanne Yip held another Academic Advising event which aimed to orient Year 1 students of Academic Advising mechanism and services on 3 November (Monday) from 16:40 to 17:40 at MN109 Resource Center. Senior Academic Counsellor from Office of General University Requirements (OGUR), Ms. Irene Cheng was invited to introduce OGUR at the event.? Some senior year students were invited to share their learning activities and chat with Year 1 students.


School of Nursing (SN)

Dr. Yim-Wah Mak, Dr. Shirley Ching, Dr. Kin Cheung, Ms. Kitty Chan, Dr. Vico Chiang and Ms. Phyllis Pang initiated a School of Nursing Student Ambassadors (SNSA) Scheme to ensure freshmen have a smooth transition to university life. Some senior-year students were recruited to become student ambassadors who provide support to the school and SN freshmen. In May 2014, student ambassadors introduced nursing programmes to visitors at Consultation Day. They actively informed the general community of the roles of nurses and further engaged in promotion of SN. In June 2014, student ambassadors had a chance to equip themselves in a 3-day training workshop. Student ambassadors were trained on the actual roles and responsibilities of the nursing profession, mission and vision of SN, challenges and difficulties of a freshmen, mental health first aid knowledge, etc. During the SN orientation day, student ambassadors provided all-round support for new students and developed a supportive learning environment in SN.


School of Nursing (SN)

Dr. Zenobia Chan, Ms. Alice Suen and Ms. Cherry Au produced a video as an e-learning resource for both academic advisors and freshmen, and with the aim to promote their Student Academic Advising system at School of Nursing. A team of year 1 students shared how their Student Academic Advisors assisted them in adjusting the university life. Please click here for details about the project.


School of Accounting and Finance (AF)

Dr. Sunny Sun, Ms. C. Y. Tam and Dr. Vincent Ching published an e-Handbook for Academic Advising (AF) for the School of Accounting and Finance. The e-Handbook provides information related to general understanding of Academic Advising (AA), their program information, academic issues such as Cluster Area Requirement (CAR), Service Learning subjects, opting for minor study programme, GPA calculation, honour classification, Work-Integrated-Education and career planning, overseas exchange, recommendation for extra-curricular activities and handling students with difficulties. Please click here for details about the project.