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E-learning Course

Introduction to Academic Advising E-learning Course [link]

Introduction to Academic Advising E-learning Course has been launched by Communities of Practice (CoP) and the Office of General University Requirements (OGUR). It introduces the basic concepts of academic advising, including its values, goals, theories and practice, to academic staff member who act as an academic advisor or prepare to take up the role. You can access the course OGUR0001_20141_A “Introduction to Academic Advising” on Blackboard

Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who completed 70% of the course (or above) and the evaluation form. To enroll, please contact Samantha Tsang by email ( or by telephone at 3400 8241.



Academic Advising at PolyU [link]

OGUR has produced a set of documents that aim to facilitate academic advising. PolyU colleagues are welcome to adopt or make reference to them.
Tips and Tools for Advisers (Academic Advising Office, The University of Hong Kong) [link]

The AAO at HKU groups some helpful resources for Academic Advisors.
Good Advice - a modest resource for new and experienced Academic Advisors [link]

This is a free website created by David Freitag, an academic advisor who would like to share his practices for the benefit of advisors everywhere. The design of this website is intended to be clean and simple to highlight the information without distraction.
National Academic Advising Association [link]

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) is comprised of professional and faculty advisors, administrators, students, and others with a primary interest in the practice of academic advising. With diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, NACADA members advise in a variety of settings and work to promote quality academic advising within their institutions.

Books/ Articles

Survey Report on Needs and Expectations for Academic Advising among Year 1 and Year 2 Students, Office of General University Requirements (OGUR), PolyU (April 2015) [download]

Two rounds of academic advising surveys were conducted by OGUR in 2013/2014. The survey aimed to identify students’: 1) Current engagement with academic advisors in departments and with OGUR counsellors; 2) View and expectation about advising; 3) Preference of style of advising (prescriptive vs. developmental); and 4) Needs for advising.
PolyU Academic Advising Handbook for Staff [download]
Folsom, P., & Chamberlain, B. (Eds.). (2007). The new advisor guidebook: Mastering the art of advising through the first year and beyond. Manhattan, KS: National Academic Advising Association.

In this book, insightful contributions from more than 30 academic advising professionals provide new advisors with the essentials needed to help students grow and make the most out of their college experiences.
Johnson, E. J., & Morgan, B. L. (2005). Advice on Advising: Improving a comprehensive university's program. Teaching of Psychology, 32(1): 15-18.

This article reports on a systematic revision of the advising system of psychology department at University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. Assessment results indicate a change from 38% to 70% of their seniors endorsing advising as “good” or “high quality” from 1993 to 2003. Here presents the individual components of their advising plan and recommendations for improving advising.
NACADA Journal [link]

The NACADA Journal is the biannual refereed journal of the National Academic Advising Association published in June and December of each year. It exists to advance scholarly discourse about the research, theory and practice of academic advising in higher education.
The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal [link]

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication about academic advising in higher education. The journal is free and published only online.
Upcraft, M. L., Gardner, J. N., & Barefoot, B.O. (Eds.). (2005). Challenging & supporting the first-year student: A handbook for improving the first year of college. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

This book includes the most current information about the policies, strategies, programs, and services designed to help first-year students make a successful transition to college and fulfil their educational and personal goals.
Gordon, V. N. (2006). Career advising: An academic advisor's guide. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

This book is a resource for academic advisors to assist college students with the educational choices that will lead them to career-related decisions. It shows how academic advisors, as well as non-teaching advisors, are in ideal positions to help students understand the relationships between their academic and career choices, and the effect these decisions have on students' future personal and work lives.
Gordon, V. N. (2007). The undecided college student: An academic and career advising challenge (3rd ed.). Charles C Thomas Publisher.

This book focuses on the unique needs of college students who are undecided regarding a field of study and/or career path, and the various approaches that advisors and counsellors may take. The text draws on extensive research, both recent and historical, and explores what is most effective in successful universities today.
Gordon, V. N., Habley, W. R., & Grites, T. J. (Eds.). (2008). Academic advising: A comprehensive handbook (2nd rev ed.). San Francisco, CA.: Jossey-Bass

In this updated edition more than thirty experts offer their knowledge in what has become the most comprehensive, classic reference on academic advising. They explore the critical aspects of academic advising and provide insights for full-time advisors, counselors, and those who oversee student advising or have daily contact with advisors and students.


Academic Advising at Penn State University [link]

A promotion video of Academic Advising at Pennsylvania State University.
Academic Advising: A Key to Success (Chapman University) [link]

Director of Academic Advising at Chapman University, Carol May, gives an overview of what is needed to plan a successful four years at Chapman University in her session, "Charting a Course."
NACADA Youtube Page [link]

The official youtube page of The National Academic Advising Associatio