Date & Time Colloquium Speaker Supplementary Information
20-08-2019 Multiscale Analysis and Algorithms Based on Semi-quantum Electromagnetic Models Prof. Liqun Cao
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15-08-2019 A Versatile Estimation Procedure without Estimating the Nonignorable Missingness Mechanism Prof. Yanyuan Ma
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26-07-2019 Semidefinite relaxation methods for completely positive optimization Prof. Jinyan Fan
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20-05-2019 Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Transaction Costs Prof. Johannes Muhle-Karbe
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08-05-2019 A Homoscedasticity Test and the Weighted Least-Squares Method for Right-Censored Data in the Accelerated Failure Time Model Prof. Ding-Geng Chen
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29-04-2019 An Efficient Operator Splitting Method for Inextensible Interface with Bending Problem Prof. Lai Ming-Chih
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29-03-2019 Isometries and isomorphisms of matrix structures Professor Lajos Molnar
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12-03-2019 Manufacturer Competition Using Supply Functions in a Retail Supply Chain Prof. Houyuan Jiang
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29-01-2019 From Seeing to Discovering Prof. Tianxin Cai
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25-01-2019 Monotone matrix maps Prof. Alexander E. Guterman
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