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photo of Dr Tin Ka Ping
2004 University Fellow
Dr Tin Ka Ping

Dr Tin Ka Ping is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist. He established Tins Chemical Corporation Limited in Hong Kong in 1958. Known as “King of Synthetic Leather”, Dr Tin has contributed significantly to Hong Kong’s chemical industry and expanded his business to overseas markets.

Being a strong supporter of education, Dr Tin established K.P. Tin Foundation Limited in 1982 and has since made substantial donations to 55 tertiary institutes, 88 secondary schools, 37 primary schools, normal schools, 18 kindergartens, 950 1ibrary corners of rural schools in the Chinese mainland and hundreds of other charitable projects. Earlier on, in the midst of Hong Kong’s economic downturn, he borrowed $3 million and generously donated the sum toward the PolyU Development Fund, which helped inject impetus to our long-term development. Dr Tin’s remarkable contributions and devotion to the education sector have deservedly earned him honorary doctorates and fellowships from tertiary institutions.

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