BSc (Hons) in Optometry

Career Prospects

Career prospects are excellent. There is a shortage of optometrists in Hong Kong.

Our graduates may choose to:   

- be employed as a professional optometrist in private sectors
be employed as a professional optometrist in Government sectors, such as the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health, or private hospitals
- start his/her private optometric practice
- join a multinational company engaged in eye care business
- pursue further studies in Master (MPhil) and Doctoral (DHSc or PhD) programmes


According to PolyU's Graduate Employment Survey, the distributions of employment sector of our graduates in 2017 are as follow:

   Community/ Social Services  3.70%
   Education  7.40% 
   Professional Practices
   (includes privates clinics, optical outlets and multinational companies)
   * There were a total of 27 respondents (100% employment rate)  


Average Salary of our graduates from 2015 to 2019:

2019: HK$36,138

2018: HK$37,906
2017: HK$32,917
2016: HK$30,015
2015: HK$28,733