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Student Exchange Programme

Christie Lam  Class of 2016/17

Exchange Period: 25 July - 22 August 2016
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

The one-month exchange programme to the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has definitely made the 2016 summer a highlight in my university life. Two of my classmates and I were given an opportunity to visit The School of Optometry and Vision Science of QUT, which provides us clinical training on primary eye care consultation and specialist services such as color vision assessments, contact lens clinics, therapeutics clinic, vision rehabilitation, etc. We had on-ground experiences on prescribing therapeutic eye drops to manage various ocular diseases while prescribing rights for Hong Kong optometrists has not been legalized yet. Building rapports with patients of different ethnic backgrounds was a big challenge and yet a precious chance to enhance my communication skills and confidence. Apart from Optometry clinic, the QUT Health clinic also includes other healthcare professions like Psychology and Counseling, Podiatry, Nutrition, etc. It was a great opportunity for us to appreciate the beauty of multi-disciplinary effort on promoting one’s quality of life.

It was an enjoyable stay in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. The local students and supervisors were very welcoming and we had great fun there. Throughout the trip, I realized the power of determination and perseverance. We should not give up easily in spite of obstacles or discouragements. Every effort counts and it moves us one step closer to our goals. This exchange programme really offered me an inspiring and rewarding life experience.

QUT Health Optometry Clinic

Christie (2nd from left) and classmate with their supervisor, Marissa