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Residency Programme

The residency programme is intended to provide extended clinical training, teaching and research exposure to new optometry graduates in specific areas of optometric care. The programme comprises two levels of training:

- Optometry Residency II
- Optometry Residency I

Admission Information

Optometry Residency II
The applicant must be a new graduate with an optometric qualification recognized by the Hong Kong Optometrists Board for Part I of the Optometrist Register.

Optometry Residency I
The applicant must have completed our Optometry Residency II or have completed a recognized residency programme elsewhere.

Areas of Clinical Specialty Offered

- Myopia Management
- Specialty Contact Lens
- Vision Rehabilitation and Special Needs in Geriatric Optometry 


Upon reporting for duty, a consultant/mentor will be assigned to oversee the implementation of the residency programme for the resident. The mentor will be a senior member of the academic or clinical staff who has expertise in the area of specialty chosen by the resident. The mentor will serve as advisor and teacher to the resident. The mentor will meet with the resident at least once every fortnight to review progress.


A resident will primarily engage in delivering clinical optometric care to patients 3.5 days per week. For at least 2.5 days, the resident will be working in the clinical specialty chosen. The resident will engage in some clinical teaching of undergraduates which will prepare the resident for a future role as a clinical educator. Academic and professional leadership will be developed by participating in seminars, writing journal papers and joining community projects.

A senior resident  will spend more time on patient care in the specialty. The senior resident will also assist a consultant/mentor to supervise a team of resident.

The resident will be supported to attend an international meeting on eye care annually.

Specific Objectives for the Optometry Residency

- Provide clinical care for not less than 1,000 hours.
- Carry out clinical duties in the Optometry clinics or elsewhere as designated by the Head of School.
- Provide a bi-weekly report to the supervisor/mentor on the progress.
- Present one seminar to the School.
- Submit an original joint paper with the mentor to a referred journal. This paper can be a clinical/epidemiological study, case report, literature review or policy paper.
- Participate in undergraduate clinical teaching and clinical research study.
- Participate in and organize community projects


Resident : At least twelve months full time (1st August to 31st July of the following year)

Senior resident : At least twelve months full time (no fixed schedule)

Completion of the Programme

Upon satisfactory completion of the programme, the resident will receive a "Certificate of Completion: Optometry Residency in ______ (the area of specialization)" issued by the School of Optometry.

Residents may be dismissed without receiving a certificate of completion for non-compliance with the general regulations that govern the School and PolyU, professional misconduct, or for repeated poor performance.