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Classes of 2010-Recent

Ma Jessica Yuen Wuen
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2018)

" It has been my privilege to be a member of the optometry family. The optometry programme provides students with various clinical exposures, a multitude of local and outbound vision screening activities and different exchange programmes. Participating in different activities enabled me to define my position as a caring and competent primary eye care practitioner.

Apart from that, I feel a sense of accomplishment by serving my patients. The recognition and appreciation from patients across different ethnic groups, age groups and socioeconomic status during the clinical rotations motivated me to keep improving my eye care services and enhancing professional knowledge.

The memorable experience that I got in this five-year programme has sharpened my communication and leadership skills. If you would like to devote yourself as a primary eye care practitioner to serving people, please join us to enjoy your fruitful experiences here. " 



Katherine So[IMAGE: ]
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2017)

"The 5-year optometry programme did not only provide knowledge about eye structures or diseases, but also equipped us as competent eye care services providers. During the study and clinical placements, supervisors provided us generous support to train us to be an independent practitioner.

Studying in optometry also gave me a sense of achievement and commitment to serve others. I am able to reveal eye problems in patients and possibly help them to see better with corresponding measures. I always feel contented when my patients are grateful about seeing clear again with spectacles or contact lenses on.

After graduation, I choose to stay at PolyU Optometry Clinic as a resident optometrist to pursue new knowledge through continual education. I will learn more on ‘specialty contact lenses’ such as orthokeratology for myopic control in children and rigid lenses to improve vision in patients with irregular cornea. I hope I can broaden my knowledge and serve even more people in the future."


Natalie Chan
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2016)


"My university life studying in Optometry equipped me with expert knowledge and clinical skills in preparation to be a primary eye care provider. I gained clinical experiences, which broadened my exposure to the optometry field. Apart from local clinical training, I had the opportunities to participate in the exchange programmes at the University of Melbourne, Tianjin Eye Hospital and Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre. These exchange experiences enriched my knowledge on investigations, diagnosis and managements of different problems related to the eyes.

The Optometry programme not only shaped us to become professional and competent, but also focused on our social responsibility. Local and overseas vision screenings allowed me to connect to the community and even the world by applying what we have learnt in the classroom to help the people in need. The volunteering in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Cambodia and Vietnam vision screenings were unexpectedly surprising. We did different screening tests and prescribed glasses for them. Every smile and “thank you” from the care-receivers were heartwarming.

With the passion and the heart to serve the community, I enjoy every moment in my work as an optometrist. "


Lui Wing Shan
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2014) [IMAGE: ]

"Studying at the School of Optometry equipped me with professional knowledge for my career development. For example, I gained experience in the investigation, diagnosis and management of vision and eye diseases during clinical training in local and overseas clinics. In addition, taking part in exchanges at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre in the Chinese mainland and at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia broadened my global outlook and strengthened my competitiveness.

Apart from cultivating knowledge and skills, the School nurtures students to become socially responsible through actively engaging in community projects in Hong Kong, rural areas of the Chinese mainland and other developing countries. By participating in different vision screenings, I realised how important the role of an optometrist is – educating the public about the importance of vision and eye care is indispensable.

Optometrists are frontline vision-care providers. If you are passionate, devoted to serving others and willing to face challenges, you are welcome as a gatekeeper of vision!"


Lam Ka Wai
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2014) [IMAGE: ]

"As a graduate, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all of you.

Studying in the Optometry programme was a dream come true for me because I want to use my knowledge to improve people’s quality of life. The programme not only equipped me with professional knowledge in the field, but also provided me with ample opportunities to manage patients’ eye-related problems during a placement in the School’s Optometry Clinic. Moreover, I visited Beijing Hospital and Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre in Guangzhou, seeing different cases in their outpatient clinics and wards, and even observing surgery in operating theatres.

I am currently working as a Resident Optometrist with specialties in contact lens, anterior segment and refractive technology in the School’s Optometry Clinic. I am very glad that I can apply my knowledge in practice, including specialised clinical skills in areas such as orthokeratology and advanced contact lens fitting.

The valuable experience that I gained from my undergraduate studies and current work has definitely broadened my horizons and sharpened my problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills.

Please join us – the optometry profession – to better serve the community! ."


Shen Jiachang
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2013) [IMAGE: ]

"It was a wise decision in choosing to study in the Optometry programme in PolyU. With the enriched curriculum of the four-year study, teachers nurtured us with patience and enthusiasm and prepared us to be professional and knowledgeable optometrists. The School of Optometry established its own well-equipped optometry clinics, which offered us adequate practicum opportunities. The School also arranged us to join the exchange programmes to China and overseas. I would like to thank the School for giving me the opportunities to visit the School of Optometry of the University of Waterloo in Canada and the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre of Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. During the one-month practicum in Waterloo, I had plenty of chances to meet patients with diverse races, to learn from different cases and to understand the primary health care system in the North America. We are now becoming primary health care professionals to provide eye health and vision care services to the public in Hong Kong. On behalf of the School, I would like to welcome you to the Optometry programme. I look forward to seeing you in our big family."


Lo Wai Jing
BSc (Hons) in Optometry (2013) [IMAGE: ]

"As a School of Optometry graduate, let me take this opportunity to welcome you all. Optometrists are primary health care professionals who specialise in providing eye health and vision care services to the public. Our scope of work includes prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses, and the detection and management of vision function disorders and other ocular diseases related to systemic problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

The School of Optometry provided me with many opportunities to learn a great deal about the basic sciences and clinical skills related to my profession. During my studies, I also served the community by conducting vision screening services in Hong Kong and in rural areas of the Chinese mainland. In addition, I had the chance to attend an exchange programme at the University of Waterloo in Canada. All of these experiences prepared me well for future challenges. "



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