School-based Academic Advising Scheme


  • To build up an early and close connection between the students and academic staff within the School, and to promote their sense of affiliation to the School and the University
  • To provide students with accurate information about the academic regulations and requirements regarding the programme  
  • To assist students to explore their interests, abilities and values on academic pursuits
  • To provide advice and guidance to students to enable them to develop and pursue an appropriate study plan which will meet their intellectual, professional and personal goals
  • To connect students to resources, opportunities and support within and outside the University that can enhance their educational experiences and success


  • Each student is assigned to a full-time academic staff (advisors) who will follow through his/her study period at PolyU
  • Student advisees are required to have at least one face-to-face meeting with their academic advisors per semester to discuss issues related to their study. Students are strongly encouraged to arrange additional meetings with their academic advisor whenever necessary or appropriate

Responsibilities of Student Advisees

  • Taking the initiative to contact academic advisors
  • Preparing for each advising meeting by:
    - thinking about intellectual, professional and personal goals
    - considering the intended subject enrollment for the coming semester (and beyond) and check the prerequisites for each course
    - preparing a list of questions or concerns for discussion during the meeting
    - arriving on time for the scheduled appointment


If you have any enquiry about this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators Dr Chea-su Kee ( and Dr Allen Cheong ( or the Undergraduate Secretary Ms Irene Ho (

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