“Learn the lessons that are being shown from this virus.”

― Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO

Interview with Ms. Rana Flowers, Representative, UNICEF Viet Nam


1. What do you think about Viet Nam’s effort in response to Covid-19 pandemic

I am very impressed. As one of the first countries to be affected, the Vietnamese Government counselled its citizens; coordinated a strategic response plan and contained the virus. Viet Nam, rightly, won international praise for its swift and decisive response but the devastating economic impact of the nationwide shutdown will reverberate for some time.

As the Representative of UNICEF Viet Nam, I congratulate the Government on its strategic leadership, ever more important as it embraces the challenges ahead. At home and, as Chair of ASEAN, it is a crucial moment to place children at the heart of efforts to both prevent the spread of COVID-19 and, critically, to mitigate the social impacts of this crisis in the long-term...