“Learn the lessons that are being shown from this virus.”

― Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO

During COVID-19 pandemic, all face-to-face teachings have been suspendedAll schools must switch their classes to online mode. In the digital era, most of the people are familiar with electronic devices that can access to the internet. However, the situation is more complicated than we expected. News reported that those kids coming from low-income family are frustrated about online learning. The reasons are 1) lacking proper devices such as computers to read/watch the learning material, 2) unaffordable internet bills, 3) parents are unable to provide supports due to works. Let alone those are having no computers at homes. 

One of the cases mentioned in the news is that the kid had to use her mother cell phone during online teaching. However, after the data exceeded the limit, he could no longer read the materials smoothly. 

This kind of hurdle deters those grass-root children from learning and results in having low motivation to study online.