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 Research Projects of Recent Years

No. Project Title Type
1 Optical Design, Manufacturing and Measurement of Lenticular Lens Array for Naked Eye 3D TV (2017YFE0191300) Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Funded Project
2 梯度納米結構金屬材料的應力鬆弛與蠕變行為及其原子尺度機制研究 (51971187) National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
3 Research on Measurement of Multi-scale High Dynamic Range Surfaces Using Non-parametric Baysian Inference Model (51675456)
4 Theoretical Analysis and Practical Application of Spatial Modulation Based Fly-cutting Servo Diamond Machining of Hierarchical Micro/nanostructures (51675455)
5 The Study of In-process Tool Wear Monitoring and Prediction in Ultra-precision Raster Milling (51275434)
6 Thermoelastic Excitation and Ultrasonic Impact Coupled Machining for Particulate Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites (U19A20104)
7 梯度納米結構奧氏體不銹鋼中的馬氏體相變研究 (51701171)
8 Fabrication of hierarchical nano-/microstructural surfaces by magnetophoresis effect in ultra-precision machining (52205498)
 9 Smart self-adaptive shearing interferometry for wavefront optical characterization Research Grants Council (RGC) - Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)
 10 Next Generation of In-situ Precision Three-dimensional Surface Metrology: A Smart Self-adaptive Multiscopic Approach for Industrial 4.0 Research Grants Council (RGC) - Research Impact Fund (RIF)
11 A novel multi-axis cutting system for ultra-precision machining of micro-structured surfaces on optical crystal materials with minimized subsurface damage (15221322) Research Grants Council (RGC) - General Research Fund (GRF)
12 Smart Multichannel Super-resolution Autostereoscopic Metrology for In-situ Multi-scale Measurement of Complex 3D Surfaces (15207521)
13 Novel Shape-Adaptive Magnetic Field-Assisted Mass Polishing of Freeform Surfaces (15203620)
14 Theoretical Modelling and Analysis of Material Removal Characteristics and Surface Generation in Shape-Adaptive Multi-Jet Polishing of Ultra-Precision Freeform Surfaces (15200119)
15 A Novel Magnetic Field System for Improving Machinability of Difficult to Cut Materials in Ultra-precision Machining (15212518)
16 Deep Gaussian Process-based Bayesian Inference System for Intelligent Surface Metrology (15202717)
17 A Novel Diamond Cutting System for Generation of Hierarchical Micro/nano-structures (15202117)
18 An Encoded-light-based Autostereoscopic Metrology System for In-situ Measurement of Three Dimensional (3D) Structured Surfaces (15202315)
19 Fiducial-Aided Calibration and Positioning System for Precision Manufacturing of Ultra-precision Freeform Surfaces (15202814)
20 Development of Roll-to-plate Hot Embossing Processing Technology and Equipment for Precision Functional Micro/nanostructures on Glass (GHP/142/19SZ) Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) - Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)
21 Investigation of a Novel Diamond Coating Process of Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) for Difficult-to-cut Materials (ITS/246/18FX)
22 Advanced Blade Dynamics (UIM/374)
23 Developing a Head-mount Display Unit Hat Control Myopia in Schoolchildren (ITS/286/18)
24 Development of Intelligent Fluid Jet-Array Polishing Equipment for Post-Process Finishing of 3D Printed Complex Surfaces (ITS/076/18FP)
25 Optical Drone Detection based on 3D Light Field Technology (ITS/209/17FX)
26 Development of Facilities and Fabrication Process used in Micro-embossing of Precision Glass Optical Microstructures (GHP/043/14SZ)
27 Development of Light Field Microscopic Imaging and Analyzing System (ITS/316/15FX)
The Development of Environmentally Friendly Packaging Technology with Anti-counterfeiting Function and 3D Optical Effects (ITS/356/14)
29 Research and Development of Ultra-precision Mechanical and Plasma Hybrid Polishing Technology and Equipment for Machining Super Hard Materials (GHP/031/13SZ)
30 Virtual Spindle based Trans-scale Tool Servo Diamond Cutting of Hierarchical Optical Surfaces (E-PolyU502/17) EC/RGC Collaboration Scheme
31 Investigation of Subsurface Damage Mechanism and Suppression in Ultra-precision Machining of Microstructured Optical Components Assisted by Ion Implantation (JCYJ20210324131214039) Shenzhen Basic Research Project
32 高强高韌梯度納米結構輕質鎂合金的超精密加工技術製備及其原子尺度結構演變和强化機理研究 (JCYJ20210324131405015)
33 Development of a Novel Tool Holder with Six Degree of Freedom and the Related Tool Path Generation for Ultra-precision Machining (JCYJ20150630115257902)
34 硬脆性材料表面光學微結構無掩模水射流拋光機理及關鍵技術研究 Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong
35 Optic Design, Precision Manufacture and Testing of Nanostructured Defocus Incorporated Spectacle (NDIS) Lenses for Controlling Human Myopia RGC - Research Matching Grant Scheme
36 Research and Development of Nano-Machining Technology and Equipment (201001G0104781202) The Introduction of Innovative R&D Team Program of Guangdong Province
37 Basic Research on Design and Control of High-Speed Hybrid Rotary-Linear Motion Ultra-Precision Spindle (2020YFH0006) HK, Macao and Taiwan Science & Technology Innovation Cooperation Project of Sichuan Province
38 Development of Hydrostatic Motorized Spindle for Ultra-precision Machine Tools and its Applications (2020GH05) Guangzhou Development Zone -Huangpu International Science and Technology Cooperation Project
39 Research on Intelligent Self-optimization of Ultra-precision Manufacturing Technology for Optical Freeform Components Bureau of International Co-operation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Funded Project
40 High Precision Process Chains for the Mass Production of Functional Structured Surfaces (ProSurf) (767589) European Union - Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme
41 Reference Algorithms and Metrology on Aspherical and Freeform Lenses (15SIB01 FreeFORM) European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR)
42 Optic Design, Precision Manufacture and Testing of Nanostructured Defocus Incorporated Spectacle (NDIS) Lenses for Controlling Human Myopia
(Collaboration with Vision Science and Technology Company Ltd.)
Contract Research
43 The Development of Ultra-sonic Machining Technology
(Collaboration with Son-X GmbH)
44 Technical Solution for Interactive Concept Design of Perceptible Experience Research and Design in Driving
(Collaboration with Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd)
45 Multi Abrasive Jet Polishing Tool
(Collaboration with Xiamen University)

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