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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that merely vacating the room and moving-out of personal properties without going through the official check-out procedures will NOT be regarded as check-out.

Students are required to:

a) Pack all personal belongings, vacate the room and dispose of any debris in the room;
b) Make an appointment with Property Management Office (PMO) before 22:00 to conduct room inventory checking.

Appointments can be made:

  • In person at the Reception Counter G/F for Homantin Halls
  • By calling PMO at 3159 0099 for Hung Hom Halls

c) Stay in the room and conduct the inventory check via an electronic tablet with Hall Staff, sign to confirm and submit;
d) Fill in a Withdrawal Form and re-encode your Student ID card at the Reception Counter;
e) After check-out, students will lose their access right to the Halls and to their rooms.

Residents are not entitled to any adjustment on Hall charges for late occupancy during the first two weeks of the residential year, or for early withdrawal during the last two months of the residential year, as the residential places have been reserved and accepted.

Cancellation and Withdrawal of Hall Residence

a. If a resident withdraws his/her hall residence prior to check-in or before the last 2 months of the residential year, a Residence Cancellation Fee, equivalent to the Hall Caution Money of $500, will be levied as the administration charge. The hall lodging fee settled will be refunded. If a resident decides not to check in but fails to process his/her withdrawal before his/her expected check-in date, on top of a Residence Cancellation Fee of $500, s/he is required to settle the lodging fee incurred from his/her expected check-in date up to the effective date of hall offer cancellation.
b. If a resident cancels his/her hall residence after check-in and before the last 2 months of the residential year, a Residence Cancellation Fee of $500 will be levied as the administration charge. The remaining hall lodging fee will be refunded.
c. If a resident cancels his/her hall residence within the last 2 months of the residential year, no matter s/he has checked in or not, the remaining hall lodging fee will be forfeited as the Residence Cancellation Fee.
d. The resident who decides to withdraw from hall residence should submit the form for Application for Withdrawal to the Hall Administration and properly complete the check-out procedures. Note that the mere act of moving-out or returning the key-card without the completion of the official check-out procedures shall not constitute the withdrawal from Hall residence. The resident needs to pay the Hall fee up to the date when s/he completes all official check-out procedures and s/he will be liable for any penalty charge incurred during his/her residence.
e. The resident should check out on or before the last day of his/her permitted residential period. S/he shall be liable for a penalty charge of $100 per day for overdue residence.

The Residence Cancellation Fee may be waived on the conditions that the resident withdraws his/her hall residence earlier than the last 2 weeks of the residential year and (supporting documents must reach Hall Administration within 3 working days after checkout for exemption):

a. the resident has graduated from the University (this however is NOT applicable to final-year students who intend to check out upon the completion of the final exam.); or
b. the resident has deferred his/her study or withdrawn from the University, or is unable to maintain a valid PolyU student registration status; or
c. the resident has joined an outbound exchange programme organized by PolyU Departments; or
d. the resident has obtained special university permission due to verified medical, personal or financial hardship.

You should complete an Authorization Form and send the completed form with a copy of your student ID card to the authorized person (who must be currently in Hong Kong and not undergoing quarantine). The authorized person has to print both the authorization letter and your student ID, and approach the reception counter to complete the check-out on your behalf.

Due to the limited storage capacity in hall, students are encouraged to hire storage services in the market as far as possible. The relevant information from a search engine is available here for reference.
Please email your request with supporting documents such as flight ticket to (for Hunghom residents) or (for Homantin residents) 3 working days before the check-out date for special arrangement.

Due to the overwhelming number of hall applications received every year, local students with prior hall experience and non-local students in their 3rd year or above may have difficulty to be readmitted into the halls. The Special Readmission Scheme (SRS) is a discretionary arrangement with the aim to handle the re-admission of the aforementioned students who have made significant contribution to hall life, maintained good student conduct, and sustained satisfactory academic performance.

*This discretionary arrangement is not applicable to the CURI Residential College and will be reviewed if deemed necessary and appropriate.

Hall residents may check their participation & contribution record. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer of the related hall activities for clarification. Kindly note that late appeal against the record information will not be considered.

After checkout, the remaining residential period of your hall offer, if any, will be invalidated. Research postgraduate residents who have checked out are NOT eligible for the Special Warden Recommendation Scheme (SWR), and any future hall offer granted through SWR will be forfeited.

Students may apply for readmission as governed by the allocation principles in the Hall Admission Policy and a hall place is not guaranteed.

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