Student Accommodation

The Student Halls of Residence strive to provide our students with a safe, pleasant, supportive and nurturing living-learning environment conducive to academic success and personal growth, thus enabling them to prepare for a challenging future. To facilitate residents from diverse backgrounds to live harmoniously in this vibrant community, all who choose to stay in the Halls must comply with the hall regulations and policies, respect personal differences and the rights of other people, as well as taking up their share of responsibility.

I have read carefully and understand thoroughly the following terms. Upon signing this Student Code of Conduct, I agree to abide by all the following terms.

  1. I understand that committing serious offences or repetitive offences could result in consequences below:
    1. Immediate termination of residency without warning.
    2. Forfeiture of remaining hall lodging fees.
    3. All future application to any University-managed accommodation (referred to as ‘UMA’ herein), including the Student Halls and Off-campus Housing, during my study in PolyU will not be processed.
    4. Withdrawal of UMA offer for the immediate summer residence and the next academic year, if any.
    5. Access to UMA is not allowed.
  2. I shall follow the special arrangements implemented in hall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. I shall not visit or stay in any suites/rooms of the opposite sex or let any visitor of the opposite sex stay in my suite/room between 00:00 and 07:00. I understand that violation of this regulation could result in consequences as stated above at point 1.
  4. I shall properly use my PolyU card in accordance with hall security and safety regulations. I shall neither lend/borrow PolyU cards to/from other persons nor allow outsiders to enter the Student Halls.
  5. I understand that the following behaviors are prohibited as stipulated in Hall Regulations:
    1. Change/swap room without going through the proper application and approval procedures.
    2. Bring in visitors without going through the proper visitor registration procedures, or without accompanying/escorting the visitors throughout the visit/stay in hall.
    3. Tamper any devices with a view to having free provision of air-conditioning in student rooms.
  6. I understand that if I breach the rules and regulations or commit an offence in another hall building or in the Off-campus Housing as a visitor, I shall be subject to the same disciplinary actions for the residents there.
  7. I shall participate actively in the Fire Drill and evacuate from the Student Halls as per the instruction given during the Fire Drill.
  8. I shall respect the rights, privacy, cultural and personal differences of other residents regardless of their gender, age, background, race or ethnicity, religion and personal traits.
  9. I shall strive to ensuring a pleasant living environment by maintaining a good standard of hygiene, refraining from smoking, storing personal belongings in communal areas or making a nuisance to other students, and not bringing any dangerous drug or alcoholic drinks onto hall premises.
  10. I shall practice high standard of personal hygiene, including but not limited to common toilet hygiene measures and wearing a mask when feeling unwell or during the time of outbreak or surge of infectious disease, etc.
  11. I shall comply with all rules and arrangements which strive to uphold and maintain the health and safety of the hall community.
  12. I understand and agree to comply with all Hall Regulations, Policy and Terms and Conditions of hall residence stipulated on the hall homepage.