Student Accommodation

A. Eligible Users

  1. Hall residents residing in the Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) are eligible for using the hall amenities stated herein. For certain facilities, there are some special requirements for use, which have been specified in the regulations governing the use of those individual amenities.
  2. Guest users may use the Hall Amenities with the following conditions:
    1. A hall resident can bring in a maximum of 5 guests with valid Guest Ticket to use Hall Amenities at one time.
    2. The host resident has to purchase a non-refundable Guest Ticket for each of his/her guests via POSS. Each Guest Ticket is only valid for use of one specified facility reserved on the day.
    3. The security Guard or authorised staff of the hall shall conduct random check on the status of the residents and visitors. A host resident found using the amenities together with the guest(s) but without valid Guest Ticket(s) will be fined a penalty of $50 for each guest he/she brings in..
    4. For safety reasons, guests are normally NOT allowed to use the Hall Fitness Room. (For those endorsed by the Hall Administration under exceptional condition, the guest users shall be required to complete an Undertaking Form to disclaim the liability of the Hall for any injuries that might inflict onto him/her therein).
    5. The guests must be accompanied by the host resident for the whole duration of using the hall amenities. A guest without the company of the host resident will be denied access into the Hall or be required to leave the hall premises.
    6. The host resident shall not entertain guests for commercial purposes of any form and shall be held responsible for the conduct of the guests during their stay within the hall premises.
    7. The guests should observe all regulations governing the use of hall amenities.
    8. The Hall Administration or its designate reserves the right to request any guest to leave the hall premises should his/her behaviours bring nuisance to other hall residents or disrupt the orderly operation of the Hall.
    9. Non-compliance with the regulations by the host resident will lead to suspension of his/her right to use the hall amenities and to bring in guest(s) for use of the hall amenities for a period of 14 days.

B. Make a Booking

All bookings shall be made in compliance with the “Policy on the use of University Premises of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University” and the conditions specified below.

  1. A resident can make advance booking for one session per hall amenity per day (excluding walk-in bookings made after a session has started or on-site bookings from unclaimed/cancelled reservations by other residents).
  2. Bookings have to made via POSS on a first-come-first-served basis, unless otherwise specified, up to its full capacity at every session. Each booking session lasts for 1 or 2 hours, as defined in Section F Clause 10 below.
  3. The venue charge, if any, will be levied at the time of online reservations.
  4. Priority will be given to bookings for hall functions and training courses organised by the Hall Administration.
  5. The Hall Administration reserves the right to cancel a booking if deemed necessary, e.g. the booked venue and/or equipment on loan are urgently required by the University.

C. Cancel a booking

  1. Cancellation of a Booking must be done online via POSS at least 3 hours before the commencement of the reserved session, herein referred to as ‘the commencement time’.
  2. For cancellation with less than 3 hours’ notice before the reserved session or unclaimed booking of 10 minutes after the commencement time, the venue charge paid will be forfeited.

D. Use of venue and on-loan equipment

  1. Residents are advised to report to the Reception Counter 5 minutes before the commencement of the reserved session;
  2. Residents are allowed a 10-minute grace period after the commencement time for late show-up. For failure to claim the venue by the end of the grace period, the concerned booking shall lapse and be released automatically to other users on a first-come-first-served basis;
  3. To collect the key card of the booked venue and the on-loan equipment, residents shall present the PolyU Student ID Card at the Reception Counter for verification before the commencement of the reserved session;
  4. Refundable deposits apply upon the collection of key card and on-loan equipment;
  5. For full refund of deposits, the key card and on-loan equipment must be returned to the Reception Counter immediately after use or at the end of the reserved session. Any late return of the keycard and equipment will lead to a maximum fine of $100.

E. Users’ responsibilities

The residents/users are responsible for:

  1. any loss of or damage to the key card and on-loan equipment.
  2. any damage to or loss of fittings, furniture and equipment caused during the session.
  3. keeping the amenities clean and tidy. Eating and drinking is not allowed in all amenities, unless prior approval from the Hall Administration has been obtained.
  4. safeguarding their own personal property when using the hall amenities. The Hall Administration disclaims any liability for the loss of any personal property.
  5. using the hall amenities according to their designated purpose.

F. Injuries

  1. All injuries must be reported immediately to the Hall Security Control Room at intercom 0099 for immediate attention. A first-aid box is available in the Booking Counter on 2/F.
  2. Users are responsible for their own safety when using the hall amenities and sports facilities. The Hall Administration disclaims any liability for the injury caused whatsoever due to the negligence or misuse of the equipment.

G. Attire

Users should put on sportswear or other proper attire when using hall amenities. For Activity Room 205 and 206, users are requested to wear non-marking rubber-soled shoes.

H. Food and Drink

To maintain a hygienic environment, food or drink is not allowed inside the hall amenities and sports facilities, except with prior approval from the Hall Administration.

I. Photo Taking and Video Filming

Photo taking and video filming are not allowed inside the hall amenities and sports facilities, except with prior approval from the Hall Administration.

J. Regulations governing the use of individual hall amenities

The opening hours, eligibility of booking, booking principles, duration of each session, charge per session, room capacity and price of guest ticket, of different Hall Amenities are listed in the Summary Table at point 10 below. 

  1. BBQ Grille
    1. BBQ is permitted in Sky Gardens only.
    2. BBQ grills (using petroleum gas) are open for booking between 12:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. and each booking session lasts for 2.5 hours.
    3. BBQ facilities are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis, and up to 1 week in advance.
    4. Priority of reservation will be given to Hall Wardens/Tutors for hall activities.
    5. A booking fee of $220 will be charged for each BBQ grill for each booking session, petroleum gas provided.
    6. Users of BBQ are expected:
      • to keep the place clean, and tidy up the area after use.
      • to maintain a passage without obstruction in the Sky Garden for other residents;
      • to keep noise down and not to disturb other residents;
      • to leave on or before the end of the booking session and inform the Reception for collection of the BBQ grill.
  2. Study Room
    1. The Study Room is open to hall residents on a first-come-first-served basis. No booking is needed.
    2. A host resident may bring in a maximum of 3 guests at one time but priority for using the Study Room will be given to hall residents.
    3. Users should vacate their seats when leave. Personal belongings without attendance will be removed without prior notice.
  3. Snooker Room
    1. A host resident may bring a maximum of 5 guests with valid guest tickets to use the Snooker Room.
    2. Users are liable for any damage to or loss of on-loan items.
  4. Quiet Room
    1. The Quiet Room is primarily for praying, meditation and reading of religious scriptures.
    2. No food and drink is allowed inside.
    3. Users should respect each other. Keep quiet and do not study, discuss project or sleep inside.
  5. Piano Room
    1. All residents are eligible to book the Piano Room free-of-charge.
    2. A host resident may bring a maximum of 1 guest with a valid guest ticket to use the Piano Room.
  6. Game Room
    1. Users are liable for any damage to or loss of on-loan items.
    2. Serial numbers of all products are marked. Swapping and stealing any item in the Game Room is a serious misconduct. Offenders will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  7. Fitness Room
    1. Hall residents and guests of PolyU card holders must have fitness accreditation for using the Fitness Room.
    2. To get certified as an eligible user for the Fitness Room, residents needs to attend the training courses offered by the Counselling and Wellness Section (CWS) or apply for exemption from taking these courses with CWS.
    3. The Fitness Room is open to users on a first-come-first-served basis, with a maximum capacity of 25.
    4. Users are responsible for taking necessary precaution against being injured in the exercise and are liable for any injuries resulted from improper use of equipment.
    5. Users should be dressed in proper sportswear.
  8. Dance Room
    1. Users should be dressed in proper attire and wear non-marking rubber-soled sports shoes.
  9. Band Room
    1. Only Hall residents who have completed the Band Room User Introductory Course are eligible for booking the Band Room.
    2. The host resident must check all equipment in the Band Room is in order and sign the Undertaking Form before using the Band Room.
    3. The host resident will be held liable for the replacement cost or the repair fee as specified in the Undertaking Form or quoted by the Hall Administration for any damage to the band equipment and other provisions inside the Band Room.
    4. Users should not change the cable wiring and system connection of the band equipment. If such change is necessary, users should reinstate the equipment to the original set-up after use.
  10. Summary Table of Hall Amenities in Homantin Halls: Click here for the table of Hall Amenities. 


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