Student Accommodation

A. Interpretation

  1. Hall Computer Network is an extension of the University’s campus network for supporting student residents and other hall lodgers’ learning, research, teaching and administration activities; 

  2. The University reserves the right to amend, restrict or extend network privileges and resources to any Hall Network users when deemed necessary and appropriate.

B. Conditions of Using the Hall Computer Network

  1. The Hall Network user agrees and undertakes to:
    1. configure the personal computers connected to the Hall Computer Network as a client;

    2. install in personal computer(s), connecting to Hall Computer Network, the legitimate anti-virus scanning software provided by the University or downloadable at ITS site, and update it on a frequent basis to curtail the spread of virus in the Hall Network;

    3. use legitimate software in personal computers and shall bear legal obligations for any infringement;

    4. accept all loss and responsibilities for any damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Hall Computer Network. The university makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the network services offered, or their fitness for any particular purpose; and

    5. comply with the Regulations Governing the use of Hall Computer Network stipulated herein, other related University IT policies and standards, the HARNET Acceptable Use Policy” and the law of HKSAR Government.

  2. The Hall Network user shall NOT:
    1. extend the network from any network outlet, or set routing or other special network functions;

    2. use the Hall Network as server hosting and dial-up from a remote site to any machines in the hall;

    3. conduct hacking or  port scanning of any kind on Hall Computer Network;

    4. use Hall Computer Network for commercial activities of any kind; and

    5. produce excessive network traffic (such as programmatic and continuous download of on-line journals and information of any type from internet), massive emailing for whatever reasons,  broadcasting, developing or distributing material of obscene and pornographic nature which will violate the laws of Hong Kong.

C. Disciplinary Actions

For protecting the normal operation of the Hall Computer Network, the Halls and/or ITS shall take the following disciplinary actions against any Hall Network users for misconduct and violation of the Regulations:

  1. suspend the user’s access privilege to the network (e.g. to stem the spread of virus) with immediate effect and without prior notice when deemed necessary, for a period up to 14 days or until the violation of the regulation is rectified, whichever period is longer;

  2. report to the University’s Student Discipline Committee for serious misconduct;
  3. report to the authority of HKSAR for serious computer offences violating the laws of Hong Kong; and

  4. any other penalties as considered appropriate.


Hall Administration
Student Resources and Support Section
Student Affairs Office

June 2020