1.  PolyU Online Student Services (POSS)

  • Submission of hall applications and offer acceptance
  • Submission of room change applications (for Hall residents only)
  • Booking of hall amenities (for Hall residents only)

2.  Special Readmission System (SRS)

  • Submission of SRS applications (for Hall residents only)

3.  Hall activity record system

  • Enquiry of participation and contribution records (for Hall residents only)

4.  Mobile APP for Hall ePurse System

5.  User Manual of Rechargeable USB Fan

6.  Students' Proposals for Inter-hall / Intra-hall Activities 

  a.    Protocols for Inter-hall and Intra-hall Proposals (Hung Hom)
          i.  Inter-hall Activity Proposal Form (Hung Hom)
         ii.  Intra-hall Activity Proposal Form (Hung Hom)

  b.    Protocols for Intra-hall Proposals (Homantin)
          i.  Intra-hall Activity Proposal Form (Homantin)

7.  Checklist for Organising Hall Activities - Individual students