Hall Admission

Due to the overwhelming number of hall applications received every year, local students with prior hall experience and non-local students in their 3rd year or above may have difficulty to be readmitted into the halls. The Readmission Scheme of CURI Residential College (RSCRC) is a discretionary arrangement with the aim to handle the re-admission of the aforementioned students of CURI Residential College (CURI RC).

A. Eligibility

All applicants should be residents of CURI RC and full-time students studying in UGC-funded degree programmes 

B. Hall Admission Committee (HAC)

The HAC is commissioned to maintain a consistent and transparent system for hall admission issues. The HAC reserves the right to make the final decision on all RSCRC applications and the right to revoke the relevant offer if deemed necessary and appropriate.

C. Consideration Factors and Scoring Mechanism

The HAC Committee grants discretionary CURI RC places with reference to the following consideration factors:

  1. Contribution to and Participation in CURI RC Activities
  2. Academic Performance (based on CGPA result)
  3. Student Conduct


  1. Only formal records of contribution and participation took place on or before 30 April in the year of application submitted by the CURI RC Master and Resident Fellows, or records maintained by the Student Resources and Support Section of Student Affairs Office will be counted.
  2. Applicants with equal marks will be further prioritized by drawing lots.

D. Marking Scheme

1. Participation and Contribution in CURI RC Activities* (max. 12 marks):

Item Marks (max. 12 marks)
a) Participants of Orientation, Seminar, Meeting with Professors/ innovators/ entrepreneurs, Dinner with CURI RC Master, High Table Dinner 0.5 mark per event
b) Participants of cultural exploration activities 0.5 mark per event
c) Helpers / Photographers / Self-initiated event 1 mark per event
d) Editors / Reporters / Designers for the activities (Editorial Committee for CURI RC) 2 marks per event
e) Research Support Taster programme: Industrial Centre (IC) 1 mark 

f) Regular gathering and peer tutoring with Resident Fellow (attending 70% of sessions or above)

3 marks

g) Freshmen Year Taste of Research Programme  2 marks

*Recognized hall activities include programs and functions that are organized/endorsed by Residential Education and CURI RC Master and Resident Fellows.

  1. Academic performance (CGPA result as at semester 1 of the year of application)
CGPA obtainedMarks
3.9 6 marks
3.6 5 marks
3.3 4 marks
≥ 3.0 3 marks
2.7 2 marks
  1. Student Conduct
CategoryDeduction of Marks
Every confirmed record at Student Discipline Committee (SDC) during the residential year Deduct 30% of the total marks
Every hall disciplinary case which result in a final warning or suspension of hall residence during the residential year Deduct 20% of the total marks
Every hall disciplinary case which result in a warning or bar from hall access during the residential year Deduct 10% of the total marks

If a student has more than one disciplinary record in the University, the percentage of deduction will be accumulated. For example, if a student has a record at SDC and has received a warning at hall, 40% of the total marks will be deducted.

E. Conditions for the Offer

  1. Successful applicants shall not apply to transfer to another hall once re-admitted by CURI RS.
  2. Successful applicants shall understand that once they accept the CURI RS offer, their hall application in the normal round and application for Off-campus Housing, if any, will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.
  3. Successful applicants shall understand that their CURI RS offer will be withdrawn immediately if they are barred from hall application due to violation of Hall Rules before the commencement of the residential year. 

F. Application Procedures

  1. CURI RS application will be combined with normal round of hall application. Interested students please indicate so in their hall application. Late application will not be accepted.
  2. Result – Application result will be announced by email. No CURI RS waiting list will be maintained. In case successful applicants decline their CURI RS offers, their offers will be retracted for central allocation.  
  3. Appeal – There is no appeal mechanism for CURI RS. In case of any dispute, the decision of the HAC is final and binding and it does not need to disclose the reasons for unsuccessful applications.