First Time Product Activation 

When the product is used for the first time, plug in the USB charging cable, all indicator lights will flash once and the buzzer will beep once. The product is activated successfully.

To Turn On the Fan Rotate the operation knob clockwise

Wind Speed Adjustment
under Traditional Mode
(default mode)

Fan 1

Rotate the operation knob:

  • Clockwise: increase the wind speed
  • Counter-clockwise: decrease the wind speed

Level of Windspeed

  • L (low): 1-2-3
  • M (medium): 4-5-6
  • H (high): 7-8-9

Natural Wind Mode

Fan 2

(the fan will provide intermittent air supply)

When the fan is operating:

Press the knob longer for 2 seconds to switch between “Traditional Mode” and “Natural Wind Mode”


Fan 3

When the fan is operating:

Press the knob for 1 second to turn on/off the swing function

To Turn Off the Fan Rotate the operation knob counter-clockwise until all wind speed indicator lights are turned off

Battery Status

Fan 4

Battery indicator light displays different colours according to the battery status:

  • Red: below 3000mAh
  • Orange: 3000-7000mAh
  • Green: 7000-10000mAh (Fully Charged)

If the battery is not full, the battery indicator light will flash slowly in the corresponding colour.

Safety Precaution: Please read the user manual carefully and observe EMSD's Safety Tips before using the fan.