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In addition to the bursaries and loans allocated to eligible students through the PolyU Financial Assistance Scheme, there may be other bursary/loan open for application by designated groups of PolyU students. However, kindly note that the Donors/PolyU reserve(s) the right to accept/decline any application or withdraw the bursary(s)/loan(s) at any time (e.g. when there is no deserving candidate, in case of unforeseen circumstance, etc.). In case of any dispute/disagreement, the decision of the Donors/PolyU shall be final.

When there is available bursary/loan fund open for application, details will be provided below. Interested students can then click the name of individual bursary/loan fund below for more information, if any.  

Providence Foundation Bursaries 2021/22
Deadline: 5.30 pm on 30 November 2021 (Tuesday)


Applicant must

  • be a local full-time Government-funded bachelor degree student pursuing the first degree; and
  • be able to demonstrate his/her genuine need for financial assistance 

Information Sheet
Application Form