The following principles and guidelines help to ensure a fruitful and rewarding placement experience for both the student interns and the collaborating companies/organisations.

At the Beginning of the Internship

  • Internships can be offered as non-credit bearing or credit bearing. If the latter is the case, prior approval of the department is required to ensure that an adequate connection exists between the student’s major and the placement which the student will be taking up.
  • The workplace supervisor should discuss with the intern to arrive at mutually agreed job duties and training objectives.
  • It is advisable that the placement company/organisation also considers assigning a mentor to the intern during the internship.

During the Internship

  • The workplace supervisor may wish to invite the intern to join group meetings to enhance his/her understanding of the operation of the assigned work unit.
  • The workplace supervisor is advised to consider assigning profession-specific or theory-based tasks to the intern, which allow him/her to relate classroom knowledge to practical work experience.

At the End of the Internship

  • The intern can be requested to deliver a presentation to summarise his/her accomplishments and highlight what he/she has learnt from the internship while prior notice should be given to the intern. This also helps employers assess the outcome of the internship.
  • To help the intern learn and reflect on his/her own performance, you are requested to conduct a performance review and give formal feedback on the intern's performance.