Companies/organisations are welcome to provide the intern with an allowance for the internship, though this is not an absolute requirement. It is advised that the rate you use reflects your industry's average and is commensurate with the profile of the individual student.


  • In case of accident, student interns should report immediately to CPS and their employers.
  • Regarding coverage of accidents during work, PolyU provides Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage for basic protection to students participating in a Local WIE, Mainland WIE, or International WIE programme. To offer students better protection when working in Hong Kong, you are recommended to take out the Employment Compensation (EC) for the interns which offers a greater compensation in case of claims.
  • PolyU has taken out a Group Travel insurance plan for additional coverage for students participating in offshore placements since 22 August 2016.

Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW)

Interested employers may click HERE for the Notes for Student Employees and Employers.