Career Nights

CPS provides different networking opportunities for students to meet prospective employers and alumni so as to obtain practical advice on and insights into career planning and development.

A career night is an evening gathering which aims to connect students with senior executives, industry experts, and PolyU alumni. This interactive networking occasion helps them explore the career prospects in various business and industry sectors. 

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Meet the Minds of the Partners

Held on 29 September 2016, the Event provided a platform for students to meet partners of “Big 4” CPA firms.

Financial Career Night

Held on 9 September 2015, the Event enabled students to gain industry insights from senior executives of the banking services sector.

Career Night on Consulting

Held on 5 March 2015, the Event enabled students to meet experts in the industries of technical consultancy, strategic consultancy, business consultancy, and solution consultancy.

Career Night on Aviation

Held on 30 October 2014, the Event enabled students to explore the career landscape of the industry through an experience sharing session by guests and alumni, including pilots, commanding officers, aircraft engineers, and graduate engineers of the industry.

Mentorship Programmes

Mentorship programmes provide valuable opportunities for students to get together with business leaders and industry experts, thus enhancing their exposure. As mentees, students can count on the support from their mentors to:

  • explore career potentials;
  • improve career-related skills;
  • learn about the culture, values, business practice, and operation of the mentors' professions or industries;
  • make new contacts and expand personal network through their mentors; and
  • get constructive advice on professional and personal development. 

For OPAA Master Class Mentorship Programme and CAGAHK Mentorship Programme, enrolment usually starts in the first semester. Emails will be sent to all students to invite applications.