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Sports Skill Training

Sports Skill Training offers a wide variety of sports skill courses to strengthen your body, and help you become a stronger and healthier person. All courses are taught at the elementary level unless otherwise specified. All full-time students are eligible to participate, and 4-Year undergraduate students could take Sports Skill Training to fulfil Component 2 of the Health Lifestyle Programme (HLS). For details of HLS, please click HERE

Please click HERE to view the available courses for 2023/24 Summer Semester.

Registration will open from 13 May 2024 at 02.30 pm for 4-year degree student (GUR Healthy Lifestyle Programme); and from 14 May 2024 at 02.30 pm for all full-time students.

*All vacancy is on a first-come-first-served basis.

POSS (Click "PE Programme" in POSS)

  • Students are limited to registering for one course each semester.
  • Students cannot register for the same course twice.
  • Students may drop a registered course via the registration system during the registration period.
  • Students must show up to day 1 of the course in order to confirm their registration. Absentees without advance notification to Counselling and Wellness Section (Sports Development),
    [email:], their place will be released.
  • Students are required to complete 8 hours of participation to pass a course. Participation includes class attendance and punctuality, and proper sports attire.
  • Attendance will be taken within the first five minutes of class starts. Late or early leave will be marked “Absent”.
  • Students should put on proper sportswear and sports shoes when attending the class. Students without proper attire are subject to participation restrictions, resulting in a class absence record.
  • If a class has to be cancelled due to inclement weather or venue maintenance, etc., our office will notify the students of the subsequent arrangement via email.
  • Students should take note of their own health condition and consider whether it is suitable for them to register in various sports activity. In case of doubt, please consult a physician prior to registration.
  • All students must assess their medical history by reviewing the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to participation in sports skill training. This questionnaire is applicable for people aged 15 to 69.
  • For participants aged under 18, the PAR-Q should be signed by their Parents/Guardians.