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Project Highlights

The PolyU Wellness Fund was set up by SAO to enhance the mental well-being of students through group-based student-initiated projects. We are honoured to have teams of student organisers conducting various innovative and meaningful workshops/activities for all PolyU students. Let’s take a glance of our happy moments.

Group One: Flow in Calligraphy (Dip Pen Calligraphy)

The project aimed at enabling students to experience deep concentration and experience a moment of peace through Calligraphy. Students learnt to refocus and relax in the writing process.

Group 1_proj hgl_1
Group 1_proj hgl_2
Group 1_proj hgl_3

Group Two: A Journey to Explore Our Inner World

The workshop provided a chance for students to relax and know themselves better through making a distinctive candle with colour sand that represents different meanings and feelings.

Group 2_proj hgl_1
Group 2_proj hgl_2
Group 2_proj hgl_3

Group Three: Easy Breezy Breakfast

The project aimed to increase awareness of PolyU students about the importance of balanced breakfast and healthy eating habits by sharing nutrition information and preparing breakfast together.

Group 3_proj hgl_1
Group 3_proj hgl_2
Group 3_proj hgl_3

Group Four: Arts with Hearts

The project aimed to promote wellness to those encountering stress through art-jamming workshop. Students could rewind and relax through the process of creating art.

Group 4_proj hgl_1
Group 4_proj hgl_2
Group 4_proj hgl_3

Group Five: "I Love Me" Mental Health Programme

The project helped students to better understand themselves, learn mental health knowledge and acquire basic self-care methods.

Group 5_proj hgl_1
Group 5_proj hgl_2
Group 5_proj hgl_3_NEW

Group Six: Brighten Up with Turkish Mosaic Lamp

The workshop aimed to improve the mental health of students by providing them with a relaxing and focused environment to make their own lamps.

Group 6_proj hgl_1
Group 6_proj hgl_2
Group 6_proj hgl_3

Group Seven: To Love, Be Loved

The project encouraged students to share love and happiness. Students took photos and decorated a photo frame at the photo booth, and gave it to their beloved ones for savouring memorable moments.

Group 7_proj hgl_1
Group 7_proj hgl_2
Group 7_proj hgl_3

Group Eight: Fill the Colour, Feel the Heart!

The project aimed to improve participants' concentration and relieve stress by painting different plaster models under the same theme.

Group 8_proj hgl_1
Group 8_proj hgl_2
Group 8_proj hgl_3

Group Nine: Cake Off Your Healthy Diet (Vegan Baking)

In the workshop, students had fun and relaxed through cooking desserts amid their hectic days and found an easy way to lead a healthy life.

Group 9_proj hgl_1
Group 9_proj hgl_2
Group 9_proj hgl_3

Group Ten: Making Your Own Magic Conch

This project aimed to facilitate PolyU students to build awareness of little blessings in life and the habit of being grateful through conch decoration activities and online quiz.

Group 10_proj hgl_1
Group 10_proj hgl_2
Group 10_proj hgl_3

Group Eleven: Resources Kits to Promote Mental Health and Well-being

Two care kits were prepared to provide resources for those who might be in need and encourage the initiation of conversations about well-being: the mood booster bag for anyone who need a bit of positivity; and the period pack which includes pads, tampons, wet napkins, and more essentials needed.

Group 11_proj hgl_1
Group 11_proj hgl_2
Group 11_proj hgl_3

Group Twelve: Cake O'Clock

This project aimed to provide students with distress to experience mindful moments through cake-making.

Group 12_proj hgl_1
Group 12_proj hgl_2
Group 12_proj hgl_3

Group Thirteen: Candle & Chill: Application of aromatic candles in enhancing the emotional status of PolyU students

This project aimed to provide chances for students to relax from stress and tension of studying and daily life. With the aid of aromatic candles, participants could relieve their stress and enjoy the moment.

Group 13_proj hgl_1
Group 13_proj hgl_2
Group 13_proj hgl_3

Group One: Doodling in Mental Flow

The project aims at promoting calmness and relaxation through drawing different patterns. Students can relieve stress and improve concentration through the workshop. 

Group 1_proj hgl_1
Group 1_proj hgl_2
Group 1_proj hgl_3

Group Two: Flow in Calligraphy

The project aims to enable participants to experience deep concentration and slow pace in writing Calligraphy in order to live in the present moment and reduce stress while practicing Calligraphy.

Group 2_proj hgl_1
Group 2_proj hgl_2
Group 2_proj hgl_3

Group Three: Live in the Moment with Film Photography

This project aims at enhancing mental well-being of PolyU students through film photography. Participants learnt to focus on here and now, and alleviate negative emotions through the workshop. 

Group 3_proj hgl_1
Group 3_proj hgl_2
Group 3_proj hgl_3

Group Four: Plant Your Happiness

This project aims at providing a series of relaxing planting activities for students. Over the course of 14 days, participants took different plants home to grow, learnt plants care tips, recorded their learnings in this planting journey and decorated the plants in the succulent potting workshop.

Group 4_proj hgl_1
Group 4_proj hgl_2
Group 4_proj hgl_3

Group Five: Playing with Clay!

The project aims to enhance creativity and connectedness of PolyU students. The participants were given clay materials where they can unleash their creative slides to make different accessories.

Group 5_proj hgl_1
Group 5_proj hgl_2
Group 5_proj hgl_3

Group Six: Wellness Question Hunt - Enhance Overall Wellness on PolyU Campus

The fun-filled self-learning question hunt provided students with pragmatic knowledge to improve physical and mental well-being.

Group 6_proj hgl_1
Group 6_proj hgl_2
Group 6_proj hgl_3

Group Seven: Wellness into Happiness

Through the activity, participants would find peace of mind and be able to relieve their academic pressure by writing motivative and meaningful morals.

Group 7_proj hgl_1
Group 7_proj hgl_2
Group 7_proj hgl_3

Group Eight: Bike Riders!

The project aims to let students experience the natural beauty of HK and visit Nam Sang Wai on a cycling trip. This was also be a good arena to connect and build friendships.

Group 8_proj hgl_1
Group 8_proj hgl_2
Group 8_proj hgl_3


Through the creation of handmade soap with herbs, it helps students to relax during the pandemic. Students are encouraged to customise the perfect recipe for themselves.

image (1)
image (3)

Group Three: GOnnection

This project aims at increasing student connectedness at PolyU and sharing tips on maintaining connection under the pandemic.

Connection Tips


Group Four A: Chill Out, Colour Up, Cheer Up - Feelings in Drifting Bottles

With activities of sharing feelings in drifting bottles and making decorations on drifting bottles, students can soothe their anxiety and distress during the pandemic period.

Zoom 1
Zoom 2
Zoom 3

Group Four B: Chill Out, Colour Up, Cheer Up - Walk into Your Colourful Dream

This project aims to improve students' general mental wellbeing by improving their self-awareness, confidence and optimism, as well as reducing distress and anxiety through colouring activities. It also provides an opportunity for students to share inspiration and encouragement with each other.



This project aims at facilitating students to know more about campus facilities and offices via a new board game. Participants can gain more useful information and stay connected to our campus while interacting with others!


Group Six: Exploring Hong Kong

This project aims to help international students to engage PolyU in cultural and educational activities to promote global citizenship and togetherness.

00 kowloon park
WhatsApp Image 20220522 at 93909 PM 2

Group Seven: Build Your Time Capsule

This project is composed of two workshops: Workshop 1 – Learn how to make a time capsule with LEGO bricks and accessories, and by writing a letter to the future self; Workshop 2 – Discover the fantastic mindfulness tools to store thoughts, ideas, and dreams through gratitude journaling.


Lizhi Hall: Wall of Kindness

This project aims to establish a sense of community and belonging to the participating members of the hall. This project will recycle kind words and inner feelings to everyone in the hall.

Pictures and Description Cards of Kindness
Pictures and Description Cards of Kindness 1
Pictures and Description Cards of Kindness4

Minyin Hall: Color Remedy

The project aims to spread awareness about mental well-being and inspire people to prioritise mental harmony. The focus of the event is to encourage students to learn ways in which they can destress and relax through the means of positive psychology in times of turmoil.


Wuhua Hall: Emotion-Mapping Through Visual and Physical Journey

This project aims at increasing student’s engagement at PolyU, enhancing connectedness, and adding excitement to the university life of both local and non-local students living in the Wuhua hall.

Emotional Mapping_Final Report
Emotional Mapping_Final Report4
Emotional Mapping_Final Report7

Group One: Embrace Your Emotions

This project encourages students to express their feelings, as well as to enhance their awareness and understanding of emotions.

Group 1_1
Group 1_2
Group 1_3

Group Two: Open Your Heart Through Nature Journey

Through participating in the herbarium workshops and visiting the Victoria Peak, students had the opportunity to connect with nature, share university life with one another, and meet new friends.

Group 2_1
Group 2_2
Group 2_3
Group 2_4

Group Three: Exercise Anytime Anywhere

The experiential games and activities designed at the booth offered students the chance to learn how to make use of home-based equipment to exercise anytime, anywhere.

Group 3_1
Group 3_2
Group 3_3

Group Four: Greentastic

Students were invited to join this experiential activity to experience the positive effects of saying positive words of encouragement to the plant every day; and record the changes in the appearance of the plant as it grows.

Group 4_1
Group 4_2

Group Five: SleepWELL

Students were invited to complete the SleepWELL 21-day Sleep Plan, so as to promote students’ habit of healthy sleeping pattern.

Group 5_1
Group 5_2
Group 5_3
Group 5_4

Blue Hall: The Art of Well-being

The workshops were a combination of art, music and dance. Students were invited to share a piece of music, a dance performance or an artwork and be exhibited in Blue Hall.


Boyan Hall: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Lives

With the aim of promoting physical health and interpersonal relationship, all student residents of Boyan Hall were invited to join the ‘pair-up competition’, ‘funny games' and ‘activity groups’.


Red Hall: The Beauty Around You

This project aims to motivate students to find the beauty around them and translate their emotions through photography and painting.


Violet Hall: 10 Days Gratitude Campaign

This campaign aims to promote awareness and improvement in psychological well-being in daily life by encouraging students to share gratitude VLOGs in the hall.


Yellow Hall: Healthy Body and Mind

This project aims to foster residents' awareness of mental wellness through cleaning the hall living environment.


Group One: Relax, Release and Reconnect

Through artistic creative activities, such as relaxation and breathing exercises, students had the opportunities to relax, to learn ways to get in touch with their inner emotions, to reconnect with their positive thinking and apply it in daily life. Supportive relationship among participants was also established in the group.

image 09

Student-organisers and Assigned Counsellor of Group ‘Relax, Release, Reconnect’ (Calm Bottle Workshop)

image (5)

Artwork of Terrarium and Aroma Stone Workshop


Artwork of Dreamcatcher Workshop

image 03

Artwork of Dreamcatcher Workshop


Artwork of Self-portrait and Pastel Workshop

image (4)

Artwork of Terrarium and Aroma Stone Workshop

Group Two: Helping and Promoting Mental Health Programme

Aromatherapy is considered to be an effective way for stress management. The workshops included ice breaking games, mental health knowledge and stress management techniques. The aromatherapy workshop provided students with free aroma blind boxes for them to enjoy exquisite gifts while participating.

Aromatherapy workshop 2

Student-organiser Conducting Plaster Aroma Stone Online Workshop

wellness station 2nd day 1

Wellness Station

wellness station 7

Wellness Station


Artwork of Fragrance Sachet Workshop


Artwork of Plaster Aroma Stone Workshop


Artwork of Plaster Aroma Stone Workshop

Group Three: Mind-relaxing Art Jamming

Through creating artwork and personal sharing, students were able to get in touch with their inner emotions.

image 06

Student-organisers and Assigned Counsellor of Group ‘Mind-relaxing Art Jamming’

image 01

Student-organisers of Group ‘Mind-relaxing Art Jamming’

image 08

Student-organisers Conducting Watercolour Online Workshop

image 05

Artwork of Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop

Group Four: Zest Week with Poly Fun

‘Zest’ means great enthusiasm and energy. The activity was to encourage students to refresh their minds through visiting several inspiring places in Hong Kong, or outside of Hong Kong.

Zest_Team Nomads

Group Five: 30 Tips for a Happy and Fulfilling PolyU Life

The Booklet includes useful tips for you to develop better self-understanding, and it introduces ways to live a better life in PolyU.


View Here

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