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RCSV Associate Director Won BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize

RCSV congratulated Prof. Benny Cheung, Associate Director of RCSV; Chair Professor of Ultra-precision Machining and Metrology, for being awarded the BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize (STIP) in the field of “Advanced Manufacturing”. This prestigious award recognises Prof. Cheung’s outstanding contribution to the scientific and technological innovation and transformation in Hong Kong.

2 Nov, 2023


Prof To

RCSV Member Honoured with Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award 2023

RCSV congratulated Prof. To Chi-ho, RCSV Member; Visiting Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry of School of Optometry, on receiving the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award 2023. This prestigious award recognizes Prof. To’s remarkable achievements and contributions to his alma mater and society. It also serves as a testament to Prof. To's exceptional accomplishments and his unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of Optometry.  The Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award aims to acknowledge distinguished graduates of PolyU and its forerunners, namely the Government Trade School, Hong Kong Technical College and the Hong Kong Polytechnic. For more information about the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award 2023, please visit

18 Oct, 2023



PolyU and Rohto Join Forces to Establish the Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) partnered with Rohto, an eye care brand under Mentholatum, to establish the PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care (“the Centre”). The Centre’s inauguration took place at the “Leading Research in Eye Fatigue, Empowering the Joy of Seeing” launch ceremony held in Hong Kong. During the event, PolyU and Rohto also jointly released the “Promoting Healthy Vision and Prioritizing Standardised Diagnosis of Eye Fatigue” advocacy paper, which aims to enhance eye health within the broader community. Honourable guests witnessing this significant event included Prof. Jin-Guang TENG, President of PolyU, Prof. Christopher CHAO, Vice President (Research and Innovation), Prof. ZuanKai WANG, Associate Vice President (Research and Innovation), Prof. David SHUM, Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Prof. Mingguang HE, Director of Research Centre for SHARP Vision; Director of the PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care and Chair Professor of Experimental Ophthalmology School of Optometry, Mr Michael SIN, President of Mentholatum Asia Pacific, and Mr Wesley CHAN, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mentholatum (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Establishment of The PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care marks a breakthrough for the optometry industry At the launch ceremony, Prof. Teng, said, "The University's School of Optometry is one of the world's leading institutions in optometry and vision science, and PolyU is the only university in Hong Kong offering optometry education. We have established several research centres related to ophthalmology, including the Centre for Eye and Vision Research launched with the University of Waterloo in Canada and supported by the HKSAR Government, as well as the Centre for Vision Science Research under the PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research. The partnership with Rohto represents a powerful alliance in eye care." Moving forward, the Centre will gather teams of ophthalmic experts to conduct research and testing in multiple locations and establish collaborative networks with various regions to develop eye health and care technologies, aiming to provide comprehensive medical and care solutions for eye fatigue. Early attention is crucial in the face of rising eye fatigue cases Prof. Mingguang He, Director of Research Centre for SHARP Vision; Director of the PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care and renowned scholar in the international optometry field, corroborated these findings at the launch ceremony, stating “Due to society’s digital transformation and fast-paced lifestyles, eye-fatigue problems are increasingly prevalent. This problem can significantly impact both quality of life and work efficiency, but the majority of people tend to overlook its significance.” Prof. Mingguang He also noted that eye fatigue is caused by prolonged eye usage, leading to tiredness and discomfort. It already affects approximately 20-30% of children and adolescents and 50-80% of adults, including university students and office workers who use computers extensively. However, the establishment of an innovative and standardised treatment system for eye fatigue is still a work in progress. Currently, the traditional diagnosis of eye fatigue relies heavily on subjective questionnaires, while treatment methods vary, lacking a unified objective diagnostic standard and evaluation. As a result, eye fatigue is often overlooked by patients and clinical practitioners, leading to a relatively limited understanding of this condition in terms of both public awareness and academic research. It is crucial to prioritise high-quality research into and resolution of eye fatigue issues. Rohto partners with PolyU to introduce Eye Fatigue advocacy: Enhancing public eye health in four key areas The low level of public awareness of eye fatigue and the existing diagnosis system being ill-prepared to effectively tackle this issue are of growing concern. Mr Michael Sin, President of Mentholatum Asia Pacific, said, "Mentholatum holds a strong commitment to scientific research, grounding its practices in scientific principles and relying on experimental evidence. It prides itself on introducing products of the highest quality. The Rohto brand is recognised as the world's leading eye-care brand. Over the years, Mentholatum has been dedicated to promoting eye health, particularly through the development and introduction of a range of eye drops targeting eye fatigue. We are honoured to collaborate with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in establishing the PolyU-Rohto Centre of Research Excellence for Eye Care. We share a common vision in promoting research into eye fatigue, recruiting talented individuals, and focusing on the study of eye-fatigue technology to aid in treatment and alleviate the impact of eye fatigue, allowing us to appreciate the world with our eyes to the fullest.” On this occasion, Rohto and PolyU also jointly announced the launch of the "Promoting Healthy Vision and Prioritizing Standardised Diagnosis of Eye Fatigue" advocacy paper." This advocacy, centred around the "Know-Diagnose-Explore-Engage" framework, aims to enhance public awareness of eye fatigue. Its objectives are to establish and promote globally unified diagnostic standards and develop a multi-level diagnosis system. It also seeks to explore new prevention methods and treatment approaches. Through collaboration with various sectors, the Centre is dedicated to creating a healthy environment for eye health, cultivating healthy eye habits, and mitigating the impact of visual fatigue on public eye health, thereby improving individuals' quality of life.  

11 Oct, 2023

Research and Innovation


RCSV Member Awarded the World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research

RCSV congratulated Prof. Marco Pang, RCSV Member; Professor of Department of Rehabilitation Sciences; Director of University Research Facility in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience on receiving the World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research. Prof. Pang has made history as the first physiotherapist from Hong Kong to receive the World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research, which was presented to him at the recent World Physiotherapy Congress in Dubai. The World Physiotherapy International Service Award in Research is to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of physiotherapy research internationally.

5 Jun, 2023


Revised 2RCSV Prof HE Mingguang

RCSV Member Named on The Ophthalmologist Power List 2023

Prof. Mingguang HE, RCSV Member; Chair Professor of Experimental Ophthalmology, PolyU School of Optometry, has been named one of the top 100 most influential and inspirational individuals who have demonstrated “Ten Years of Excellence and Impact in Ophthalmology” on the esteemed Ophthalmologist Power List in 2023. In an interview with The Ophthalmologist, Prof He discussed his life experiences, personal mission, and upcoming breakthroughs in ophthalmology, which you can read in full at The Ophthalmologist Power List The Ophthalmologist Power List has been published annually since 2014, showcasing the most significant people in ophthalmology. To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Power List 2023 recognized 100 people who have demonstrated "Ten Years of Excellence and Impact in Ophthalmology." The readers of The Ophthalmologist worldwide nominated people for the Power List, and nominees were assessed in six areas: research, innovation, teaching and mentoring, progressing practice, communication and advocacy, and humanitarianism. Finally, an independent panel of 15 ophthalmologists worldwide, representing a range of specialties, voted on the Power List. The Ophthalmologist Power List 2023 was released on 11 April 2023, at Congratulations to Prof. He on this achievement!  

11 Apr, 2023


Prof Deborah Giaschi Lecture

RCSV and SO 45th Anniversary Joint Distinguished Lecture - “Insights from visual neuroscience on developmental dyslexia”

23 Mar, 2023


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RCSV Members Received Research Grants Council Collaborative Research Fund (RGC CRF) 2022/23

Prof. Benny Cheung, Associate Director of RCSV; Director of State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology; Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and two RCSV Members, Prof. To Chi-ho, Visiting Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry and Dr Dennis Tse, Associate Professor, School of Optometry received Research Grants Council Collaborative Research Fund (RGC CRF)2022/23 of $4,267,120. Prof. Cheung is the Project Coordinator (PC) while Prof. To serves as Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) and Dr Tse serves as Co-Investigator (Co-I) of the project titled “Smart Self-adaptive Shearing Interferometry for Wavefront Optical Characterization”. Prof. Cheung led an inter-institutional research project which aims to develop a novel smart self-adaptive shear interferometric (SSASI) system for optical characterisation. The SSASI system is a specialised instrument that makes use of wavefront of light to provide a comprehensive measurement of the properties of materials. Unlike existing devices that only measure optical parameters that are specific to the optical characterisation for certain fields, the SSAI system can perform multiple optical properties measurement within a single system. It will help technology companies evaluate the surface imperfections (e.g., scratches, pits, digs) and validate the surface quality of the critical optical components used in their products. The interinstitutional project involves three institutions to develop specific research applications for the system. The School of Optometry and RCSV of PolyU will work on optical characterisation of defocus spectacles for human myopia control in optometry and ophthalmology. The Chinese University of Hong Kong will focus on laser beam quality and beam shaping for two-photon processing. The City University of Hong Kong will focus on metasurface optical characterisation. The project will bring scientific advances to precision metrology, material science, optical engineering and measurement science and technology.    

6 Jan, 2023



RCSV Associate Director and Member Launches Innovative Spectacle Lens to Slow Down Myopia Progression; Deploys Two PolyU Patented Technologies to Protect Children’s Vision Health

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) today announced that Vision Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (VST), a PolyU supported start-up, has successfully developed the Nano Multi-rings Defocus Incorporated Lens for controlling the progression of myopia (or short-sightedness). VST collaborated with State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) (SKL-UPMT) and the School of Optometry of PolyU to create the new solution by integrating DISC technology and Ultra-precision Nano Multi-rings Machining Technology, offering children and adolescents a convenient, non-invasive and effective option to delay myopia progression. PolyU’s School of Optometry invented the novel DISC technology, which is proven to retard the myopia progression of children by 60%. The method produces a clear image on the retina and a defocused or blurred image in front of the retina simultaneously, enabling children to have clear vision while controlling the development of myopia. Based on this technology, the DISC-SH soft contact lens was introduced in 2018. Developed by SKL-UPMT, the Ultra-precision Nano Multi-rings Machining Technology blends advanced optics design, ultra-precision machining and ultra-precision measurement technologies, and ultra-precision mould-making to apply DISC technology in spectacle lens production. By implementing ultra-precision process, the new spectacle lens provides added comfort for wearers, while offering more stable vision. The non-invasive design also makes it more suitable for children of different ages. Prof. TO Chi-ho, RCSV Member, Visiting Chair Professor of the School of Optometry of PolyU and Co-founder of VST, said, “It is important to keep myopia progression under control, especially among children, as high myopia could lead to sight-threatening complications. VST is committed to developing and selling products that help improve people’s vision health through technology transfer and commercialisation for the benefit of society. We are pleased to partner with SKL-UPMT and the School of Optometry to launch the new Nano Multi-rings Defocus Incorporated Lens, resulting in a major breakthrough in DISC technology. This initiative helps address the spiralling myopia problem among children, especially in markets with a relatively high ratio of myopes such as Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China.” Prof. Benny CHEUNG, RCSV Associate Director, Professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Director of SKL-UPMT at PolyU, stated, “Ultra-precision machining technology is a multi-disciplinary advanced manufacturing technology, which is the backbone of crucial industries like optometry, semiconductors, advanced optics, aerospace, energy, biomedical and new materials development. At SKL-UPMT, we put our focus on the development and application of forefront technologies and have a proven track record in designing and implementing new methods, process, systems and facilities in ultra-precision machining and ultra-precision measurement. We are delighted to extend the locally developed Ultra-precision Nano Multi-rings Machining Technology to fine-tune and manufacture optometric products and will continue to create new technologies and solutions for diverse industries to benefit the society. By doing so, we will further Hong Kong and mainland China’s competence and strategic advantages in design and advanced manufacturing.” RCSV members strives to create societal impact through research innovation as well as knowledge and technology transfer. The SHARP structure describes the interdisciplinary and experimental approaches through which members can contribute according to their expertise and work across teams that tackle different vision problems such as the sight-threatening myopia.  

7 Dec, 2022

Research and Innovation

Image Revised

RCSV Management Committee Member Conferred American Mathematical Society Fellowship 2023

10 Nov, 2022



RCSV Member Says Myopia and Astigmatism are on the Rise among Children

Dr Jeffrey Leung, RCSV member; Research Assistant Professor in SO, said in an interview with HK01 earlier that myopia and astigmatism are on the rise among schoolchildren during the pandemic. To better protect children’s eyes, Dr Leung suggested parents encourage their children to practise the 20-20-20 rule, that is, to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, for every 20 minutes of screen time.   Online coverage: HK01 -

2 Nov, 2022

Research and Innovation

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