Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), recently highlighted the University’s efforts in research translation on i-Cable’s programme “InnoAction”. He shared PolyU’s remarkable achievements at the Geneva Inventions Expo 2024 and the University’s commitment to interdisciplinary research and nurturing startups. Professor Chao elaborated on the robust entrepreneurial ecosystem at PolyU and emphasised the importance of training and education in investor relations and startup management to help PolyU-nurtured startups make real-world impacts.


He also noted the challenges startups face in attracting investment, such as scientists needing more marketing skills. He is optimistic about Hong Kong’s evolving business landscape, where more corporations are interested in strategically investing in startups with impactful technologies.


The programme also featured Dr Shou Dahua’s award-winning skin-like fabric innovation, the “Omni-Cool-Dry”, which is one of the PolyU innovations under commercialisation. Dr Shou, Limin Endowed Young Scholar in Advanced Textiles Technologies and Assistant Professor of the School of Fashion and Textiles, developed the novel anti-heat skin-like fabric that aims to keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable by dissipating sweat as water droplets and reflecting solar radiation. His other invention, “iActive”, is an intelligent activewear that manages sweat through low-voltage-driven artificial "sweat glands" and a root-like branching liquid transport system. These innovative technologies have the potential to enhance the performance of sportsmen, outdoor labourers, and firefighters when integrated into the design of their apparel.


An investor is working closely with Dr Shou to bring his innovations to market, seeing significant potential in the sportswear market. The collaboration aims to introduce the technology to the Mainland, opening a new market segment there. Dr Shou's team is now focused on scaling up production while maintaining laboratory-level performance. The team looks forward to launching the product in the near future.


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