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日期 刊物名稱 標題 作者(光子技術研究院學者)
Mar 2024 Applied Physics Letters High-fidelity correspondence imaging in complex media with varying thresholds and 1-bit compressive sensing Dr Wen CHEN
Mar 2024 Advanced Energy Materials Defining Solid Additive's Pivotal Role on Morphology Regulation in Organic Solar Cells Produced by Layer-by-layer Deposition Prof. Gang LI
Mar 2024 Applied Physics Letters Deriving the linear dynamic range of next-generation thin-film photodiodes: Pitfalls and guidelines Prof. Gang LI
Mar 2024 Small Efficient Solar-Driven Interfacial Water Evaporator using Hydrogel Modified Carbon-Based Biomass with Abundant Microchannels Prof. Yuen Hong TSANG
Feb 2024 Nature Communications Rational molecular and device design enables organic solar cells approaching 20% efficiency Prof. Gang LI
Feb 2024 Journal Of Materials Chemistry A A platinum-based photothermal polymer with intermolecular/ligand-to-ligand charge transfer for efficient and sustainable solar-powered desalination Prof. Yuen Hong TSANG
Feb 2024 Small Methods 2D Semi-Metallic Hafnium Ditelluride: A Novel Nonlinear Optical Material for Ultrafast and Ultranarrow Photonics Applications (Small Methods 2/2024) Prof. Yuen Hong TSANG
Feb 2024 Advanced Optical Materials Harnessing Conformational Disorder of Organic Cations for Efficient Blue Quasi-2D Perovskite LEDs Dr Mingjie LI and Prof. Shu Ping LAU
Feb 2024 Journal Of Non-Crystalline Solids Crystallization kinetics of chalcogenide glasses (ChG) probed via elastic vibration Dr Haihui RUAN
Feb 2024 Advanced Materials Isomerization of Benzothiadiazole Yields a Promising Polymer Donor and Organic Solar Cells with Efficiency of 19.0% Prof. Gang LI