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日期 刊物名稱 標題 作者(光子技術研究院學者)
Jun 2022 Advanced Science Speckle-Based Optical Cryptosystem and its Application for Human Face Recognition via Deep Learning Prof. Puxiang LAI
Jun 2022 Light: Science & Applications Enhancing spatiotemporal focusing of light deep inside scattering media with Time-Gated Reflection Matrix Prof. Puxiang LAI
May 2022 Nature Photonics Multiple exciton generation in tin–lead halide perovskite nanocrystals for photocurrent quantum efficiency enhancement Dr Mingjie LI
May 2022 Catalysis Science & Technology Biomimetic reusable microfluidic reactors with physically immobilized RuBisCO for glucose precursor production Dr Xuming ZHANG
May 2022 Journal of Lightwave Technology Optical Uplink, D2D and IoT Links Based on VCSEL Array: Analysis and Demonstration Prof. Changyuan YU
Apr 2022 The Innovation Accelerating deep learning with high energy efficiency: From microchip to physical systems Prof. Puxiang LAI
Apr 2022 APL Photonics Optimal efficiency of focusing diffused light through scattering media with iterative wavefront shaping Prof. Puxiang LAI
Apr 2022 Nature Communications Dual-comb photothermal spectroscopy Prof. Wei JIN
Apr 2022 Solar RRL Natural Porous Materials for Interfacial Solar Steam Generation toward Clean Water Production Dr Yuen Hong TSANG
Apr 2022 Optics and Lasers in Engineering High-efficiency and high-fidelity optical signal transmission in free space through scattering media using 2D random amplitude-only patterns and look-up table Dr Wen CHEN