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20240422 PRI Disting seminar Prof HE

何祖源教授在光子技術研究院的傑出研討會上發表演講 (只有英文版本)

The PRI Distinguished Seminar was successfully held yesterday, covering the topic of” Optical Fiber Distributed Acoustic Sensors: Challenges and Solutions”. The Distinguished Seminar was graced by the presence of Prof. Zuyuan He, Chair Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, whose invaluable contributions and insights were central to the seminar’s success.   We extend our gratitude to Prof. He for sharing their expertise and enriching the discourse. We would also like to thank all participants for their active engagement.


20240408 PRI Disting Seminar Prof Qiu 1

Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu delivered a speech during the PRI Distinguished Seminar Series on 8 April 2024 (只有英文版本)

The Photonics Research Institute (PRI) Distinguished Seminar Series “Synthetic Interface Optics: Plasmonic / dielectric, TMDC and van der Waals Metasurfaces” was successfully held on 8 April 2024.   We are delighted to have Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu, Dean’s Chair Professor of the National University of Singapore, Fellow of APS, Optica, SPIE and The Electromagnetics Academy (US) to share his valuable insights and experiences.   Prof. Qiu’s Research expertise and interest are Metasurface photonics, 2D-materials-based quantum nanophotonics, spin-orbit coupling, van der Waals photonics.   We would like to extend our gratitude to Prof. Qiu for his contribution. His expertise and knowledge were greatly appreciated.   We look forward to hosting more such enriching events in the future. Stay tuned for updates on our website.


20240306 Prof Jin

PRI researcher develops a novel on-chip photothermal gas sensor (只有英文版本)

A joint research team led by Prof. Wei Jin, Associate Director of Photonics Research Institute (PRI) and Chair Professor of Photonic Instrumentation in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of PolyU, and Prof. Chuantao Zheng of Jilin University, has developed a novel on-chip photothermal spectroscopy sensor for high sensitivity gas detection.   On-chip waveguide sensors have attracted considerable attention due to its ultra-compact footprint and potential for large-scale integration. However, existing waveguide gas sensors are primarily based on direct absorption spectroscopy which suffer from limited sensitivity and measurement range. The team demonstrated a new method for high sensitivity on-chip gas measurement by using photothermal spectroscopy. This technique detects photothermal phase change resulting from non-radiative relaxation upon light absorption by gas molecules, presenting itself as an indirect technique capable of circumventing the limitations of direct absorption measurement.   By selecting chalcogenide glass (ChG) as the core-layer material and fabricating thermally-isolated ChG-on-SU8 waveguide for thermal field accumulation, the team has demonstrated a remarkable acetylene detection sensitivity of 4 parts-per-million and a dynamic range exceeding 5 orders of magnitude, which outperform traditional direct absorption sensor by nearly 2 and 3 orders of magnitude, respectively.   The research findings have been recently published in Laser & Photonics Reviews. Further investigation is underway to optimize the waveguide structure, improve thermal accumulation and understand deeper the optical-thermal-phase transfer mechanism. The team looks forward to collaborating with the industry in further development of the integrated on-chip sensors and applications.   For more details, please click Here.


20240301 Prof Li Gang breakthrough 1 rev2

Organic solar cell breakthrough from Prof. Gang LI’s team (只有英文版本)

Prof. Gang LI’s research team published a paper “Rational molecular and device design enables organic solar cells approaching 20% efficiency” on Nature Communications on 28 February 2024, which reported a new efficiency breakthrough of organic solar cells.   Ternary strategy that introduces a guest component into the benchmark host blend is a promising method further to improve the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells, but how to design a suitable third component remains challenging. Here, the authors systematically investigated the design rules of guest molecules by theoretical simulations and successfully synthesized a new molecule, o-BTP-eC9, contributing to a record organic solar cell with 19.9% (19.5 certified) efficiency.   The paper is available at


20240219 PolyImpact Rev1


兩位光子技術研究院研究人員魏敏晨教授和阮海輝博士的研究在 PolyImpact Volume II 中刊登。   《PolyImpact:理大創新發明造福世界》第二卷收錄了 10 個有影響力的故事,重點介紹了理大在轉化其創新技術、為全球問題提供解決方案以及對社會產生積極影響方面的非凡歷程。   故事(以英文版為準) 光子技術研究院研究人員姓名 職位 嶄新色彩管理技術 (True colours: State-of-the-art R&D optimises colours in lighting and imaging systems, improving users’ experience and well-being) 魏敏晨教授   光子技術研究院管理委員會成員   建築環境及能源工程學系教授 提升超薄強化曲面玻璃生產的運算模型 (Taking out the guesswork: Computational models boost yield and reduce scrap rate in manufacturing ultra-thin, chemically strengthened, curved cover glass for electronic devices) 阮海輝博士   光子技術研究院成員   機械工程學系副教授   欲了解更多資訊,請參閱 (只有英文版)


20240206 PRI Disting seminar John

Prof. Ioannis (John) Kymissis gave a speech at the PRI Distinguished Seminar Series on 6 Feb 2024 (只有英文版本)

The Photonics Research Institute (PRI) successfully hosted a Distinguished Seminar yesterday. The seminar was presented by Prof. Ioannis (John) Kymissis, the Kenneth Brayer Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. The seminar topic was "Electronics on anything - how thin film electronics can instrument the world".   We would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Kymissis for his invaluable contribution to the seminar. We also extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants who attended the seminar.


20240202 Prof Hao nature communications

郝建華教授團隊的研究成果於Nature Communications發表 (只有英文版本)

Prof. Jianhua HAO, Chair Professor of Materials Physics and Devices and Member of Photonics Research Institute (PRI), and his team’s research was published in Nature Communications. The research titled "Direct Observation of Intrinsic Room-Temperature Ferroelectricity in 2D Layered CuCrP₂S₆"   Nature Communications is one of the world’s top journals which covers a variety of scientific topics from physical sciences to earth and environmental sciences. Its publications include a vast number of high-quality researches with high impact factor.   To read the article in Nature Communications, please click HERE


20240124 Prof Lau PolyUdeveloped electroreduction system turns carbon dioxide into plastic ingredien

理大研發電催化還原系統 將二氧化碳轉化成塑膠原料

光子技術研究院副院長、潘樂陶慈善基金智慧能源研究院管理委員會成員、材料與器件中心實驗室主任、應用物理學系系主任及納米材料講座教授劉樹平及其研究團隊,成功研發一套耐久、高選擇性、高效的二氧化碳電還原系統,可以將二氧化碳轉化成化學品原料「乙烯」,作其他工業用途。乙烯為用於製造塑膠及化學纖維的原材料。此研究成果已於國際科學期刊《Nature Energy》發表,並於第 48 屆瑞士日內瓦「國際發明展」獲得金獎。   傳統的乙烯生產可造成大量碳排放。研究團隊採用電催化二氧化碳還原的方法,利用綠色的電能,將二氧化碳轉化為乙烯,為生產乙烯提供另一更環保、更穩定供應的方法。   團隊現正大力推動這項新興技術,使其可以更接近大規模生產,以促進碳循環及碳中和。此項創新研發為理大聯同牛津大學、台灣國家同步輻射研究中心和江蘇大學合作的科研成果。   閱讀更多:    WT 新聞 - 大灣區商業科技專刊 - 中國網 - 東方財富 - 科技探索 - 經濟通 - 明報 - 信報 - 文匯報 - 點新聞 - 美國雅虎新聞 - 英國雅虎財經 - 新浪香港 -


20240122 Prof Wei PolyImpact rev1

理大高等研究院成員研發色彩管理技術      全球每年逾一億台智能裝置採用

由理大光子技術研究院管理委員會成員兼建築環境及能源工程學系魏敏晨教授帶領的研究團隊,成功研發一系列色彩管理技術,能有效令數碼顯像、成像裝置,及延展實境裝置所輸出的色彩更逼真,提升用戶體驗。 相關研發成果已成功商用化,並獲得社交媒體平台、成像系統,以及 LED 照明、智能電話和無人機設備生產商廣泛採用。全球每年逾一億台高端智能裝置內置相關算法和解決方案。   閱讀更多:   大師洞察 - ezone -  IT 專業人士 - 香港中新社 - 21世紀經濟報道 - 網易 - 香港電台 - 東方日報 - 信報 - 香港經濟日報 - 星島日報 - 每日頭條 - 文報 - 香港商報 - HK01 - 點新聞 - 中新社 - 鳳凰網 -


20240119 Prof Xiao Disting seminar 1

北京大學肖雲峰教授在理大光子技術研究院傑出研討會系列上發表演講 (只有英文版本)

The Photonics Research Institute (PRI) Distinguished Seminar was successfully held today.   Prof. Yun-Feng XIAO delivered an insightful distinguished seminar on the topic of Ultra-high-Q microcavity optics and photonics.   We would like to extend our gratitude to Prof. XIAO for his invaluable contribution to the seminar and our sincere appreciation to all the participants who attended the seminar.   We look forward to hosting more enlightening seminars in the future and hope to continue providing a platform for learning and growth.