To innovate and integrate for institutional advancement.


Overarching Goal

To sustain financial health and enhance our infrastructure and people capabilities to support the strategic development of the University. To provide an ambience that is conductive for students, staff and the University to excel.


Strategic Priorities 

(a) To sustain financial health through rigorous financial planning, prudent management and proper control of the University’s budget based on value analysis.
(b) To diversify income sources and ensure efficient use of resources to support the strategic development of the University.
(c) To complete committed capital projects, review the Campus Development Plan and formulate an implementation strategy, considering resources, opportunities and facilities in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Lok Ma Chau Loop.
(d) To optimize and modernize the campus to enhance collaborative learning, teaching and research capabilities, internationalization and communal needs.
(e) To leverage information technology innovations to create a smart campus and work practices in a secure, environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.
(f) To enhance the value, efficiency and effectiveness of administrative functions and processes through business process reviews and re-engineering, and related human resources planning and management.
(g) To strengthen leadership capability, talent development and succession planning.
(h) To foster a culture of strive-for-excellence, cohesiveness, diversity inclusiveness, and environmental and social responsibility.
(i) To formulate and implement policies and programmes to enhance University governance from the enterprise to the data levels.