As a publicly-funded institution, PolyU is fully committed to the accomplishment of its institutional mission and aware of its obligation to ensure that public funding is being appropriately and effectively deployed for the advancement of higher education in Hong Kong.

To address public concern regarding the governance and accountability of publicly-funded higher education institutions, particularly in relation to the funding for higher education, the UGC and UGC-funded universities have worked together towards the establishment of a University Accountability Agreement (UAA). The Agreement serves as a public affirmation of the commitments of the signed parties towards the provision of high quality teaching, research and related activities for the greatest benefit of Hong Kong. The UGC affirms the funding to be provided to individual universities during the period with conditions/expectations attached to such funding while each University affirms its accountability for all funds received from the UGC and its commitment to achieving value for money in the use of public funds.

The UAA also defines sector-wide and institution-specific performance measures under designated activity domains. Such performance measures help ensure institutional accountability towards pre-determined goals and demonstrate that universities are committed to continuous quality improvement in accordance with their respective areas of excellence.

The UAA is reviewed on an annual basis by the UGC and the University. The annual review consists of a check on progress towards targets and outcomes agreed over the six-year timeframe of the University’s Strategic Plan.  

As an integral part of the UAA, the University’s Strategic Plan sets out clear development priorities, measurable goals and key performance indicators for the monitoring of overall institutional performance and the effectiveness of resources deployment.  

The Strategic Plan is evolved from a critical review of the University’s prevailing and planned activities with a view to leveraging institutional strengths against future demands of the community, taking into account inputs from a wide spectrum of stakeholders through extensive consultation. The Strategic Plan is translated into detailed implementation metrics with mid-plan review of implementation progress.

Key performance indicators of the Strategic Plan are cascaded downward to departmental level. Regular review of departmental performance against strategic targets is conducted through the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) System, a strategic performance monitoring and management tool. Results of the BSC System will be used to support evidence-based performance review, decision making and resource allocation.




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