The Strategic Plan of the University is an important document which sets out institutional directions and defines strategic goals for the coming two triennia. The Council is fully involved in the development of the Plan, from its planning to ultimate approval.

In formulating the Plan, the University engages the involvement of various sectors of the University community and solicits inputs from a wide spectrum of stakeholders through various channels including, in particular, the internet and open forums. The Strategic Plan is then translated into key goals and approaches for implementation. A mid-plan review will be conducted to evaluate implementation progress and to fine-tune the strategic goals, as deemed necessary.

The Strategic Plan 2019/20 – 2024/25 defines the strategic goals to be achieved under five domains, namely:

(a) Quality of the Student Experience of Teaching and Learning
(b) Quality of Research Performance and Research Postgraduate Experience
(c) Knowledge Transfer and Wider Engagement
(d) Enhanced Internationalization and Engaging the Nation
(e) Financial Health and Institutional Sustainability

They are elaborated in the following sections. The full version of the Strategic Plan 2019/20 – 2024/25 is available via the link below.




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