The proper conduct of Council business is supported by a network of Standing Committees. Pursuant to Section 9 of the PolyU Ordinance, the Council may appoint such committees as it thinks fit.

The Standing Committees of Council will discharge their responsibilities and exercise their authority according to the terms of reference prescribed by Council.

There are 13 Committees under the Council, namely:

(a) Audit Committee
(b) Campus Development Committee 
  -   Works Tender Board
(c) Council Membership Nominations Committee
(d) Disciplinary Committee 
(e) Executive Committee 
(f) Finance Committee 
(g) Governance Committee
(h) Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee
(i) Investment Committee
(j) Knowledge Transfer Committee
(k) Senior Executives Evaluation and Compensation Committee
(l) Staffing Committee
(m) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Foundation

The Council may also appoint ad hoc Committees or equivalent for specific purposes.




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