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We are living in a world of rapid changes. Globalization, economic re-structuring and the rapid development of mainland China have constantly transformed the economic and societal contours of Hong Kong. Obviously, besides academic knowledge, cultivation of 21st century skills such as communication and leadership skills as well as development of personal and social responsibility are of paramount importance to contemporary university students in Hong Kong. To develop students’ academic, personal and interpersonal skills by enhancing their learning experience via a refined curriculum, the new four-year undergraduate curriculum was implemented in 2012/13 academic year. It employs an effective integration of face-to-face and online modes, develops interactive pedagogies, adopts appropriate education technologies, makes the best use of contact hours, promotes independent and collaborative learning, fosters students’ confidence, improves their communication skills, and allows space for the acquisition of generic skills and adaptability for the future.

Under the new 4-year undergraduate curriculum, the General University Requirements (GUR) occupies one-fourth of the credits (30 credits) to be taken by PolyU students. The Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) was initially established to oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of GUR through two sub-offices: Office of General University Requirements (OGUR) and Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO). Although GUR is a requirement, it is our sincere wish that students will see GUR as a challenge and an opportunity for growth. We strongly encourage students to develop their interests through GUR, enjoy the learning experience and reflect about the meaning of university education and the public perception that university students are “intellectuals”.

To strengthen internationalization and engaging the Nation across our undergraduate education, PolyU strives to provide every undergraduate student with an opportunity to take a student mobility programme outside Hong Kong and promotes the non-local learning opportunities of our students. In order to contribute to this strategic initiative, OUS leverages PolyU’s strong presence in mainland China and Taiwan to promote and support Service-Learning and Cluster Area Requirement (CAR) subjects.

To cultivate a mutually supportive, interdisciplinary and forward-thinking research culture, the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS) was launched in 2020/21 under OUS. URIS is an additional hallmark of PolyU’s undergraduate education along with professional orientation, social responsibility, and entrepreneurial spirit by supporting and incentivizing undergraduate students to undertake small-scale research projects with supervision from academic staff early in their studies.

PolyU strives to be a leader in General Education (particularly Leadership and Service-Learning education), with provision of offshore learning opportunities for undergraduate students in different Chinese societies. It is also our vision to operate an exciting undergraduate research programme to nurture undergraduate students to be the next generation of researchers and innovators. Through these initiatives, our goal is to nurture PolyU students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers, and socially responsible global citizens.

Prof. Daniel T.L. Shek
Interim Vice President (Research and Innovation)
Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme)