General University Requirements (GUR)

The primary objective of GUR is to widen students’ horizons and promote their holistic development in their undergraduate years. Students are required to take 30 credits of GUR subjects under the four-year degree curriculum. It is the University’s vision that through GUR and their major study, students will develop the desired attributes of critical thinking, effective communication, innovative problem-solving, lifelong learning, professional competence and ethical leadership.

The 30 credits of GUR will be distributed as follows:

Language and Communication Requirements

9 credits

(6 credits English & 3 credits Chinese)

Freshman Seminar

3 credits

Leadership and Intra-Personal Development

3 credits


3 credits

Cluster Areas Requirement (CAR)

3 credits from each of the following 4 cluster areas:

  • Human Nature, Relations and Development
  • Community, Organisation and Globalisation
  • History, Cultures and World Views
  • Science, Technology and Environment

And of which must fulfill 3 additional requirements:

  • English Reading and Writing (ER/EW) Requirements
  • Chinese Reading and Writing (CR/CW) Requirements
  • China Study Requirement (CSR)

12 credits

Healthy Lifestyle

Non-credit bearing


Total = 30 credits