Articulation Degree Programmes and Senior Year Intakes

Articulation Degree Programme

The new articulation degree programmes are designed for High Diploma or Associate Degree holders to pursue the undergraduate study and prepare them for success in their chosen professions and to nurture them to become all-rounded global citizens.

Articulation Degree Programme

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Senior Year Intakes

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Note 1: Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree LCR (based on their previous studies in Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes and their academic performance) will be required to take degree LCR subjects on top of their normal curriculum requirement.

# The minimum credits requirement for major study in Senior Year Intakes is 51. The total credits required for major study varies from programme to programme. Senior Year Intakes student should check with their faculty/department for the total credit requirement for major study.

Higher Diploma Students

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Senior Year Intakes               

Holders of High Diploma or Associate Degree may apply for senior year admission to our bachelor’s degree programmes. Senior Year curriculum for our Bachelor’s degree programmes for Associate Degree or Higher Diploma graduates normally take two years and require the completion of 60-75 credits. Those programmes that include professional training in industry, commerce and the public sector may take an additional year. The credit requirements for graduation vary by programme and are subject to annual review. Academic departments will advise students of the actual credit requirements after admission.

To uphold academic standard and to ensure the equivalence of quality across programmes, students graduated from senior year curriculum should also fulfill the same set of GUR as those students graduated from 4-year programmes. As such, credit transfer for GUR will be given to senior year intakes to undergraduate degree programmes.