Academic Advising

  • 1. Academic Advising
  • What is Academic Advising?
  • Where can I get Academic Advising?
  • What information should I be having prior to the advising session?
  • Should I rely on my Academic Counsellor to make decisions for me?
  • Will my personal information and/or the content of the advising session be disclosed to others?

General University Requirements (GUR)

  • 2. General University Requirements (GUR)
  • How can I know more about GUR subjects?
  • How should I register for the GUR subjects?
  • How can I withdrawal from GUR subjects?
  • How can I learn more about my GUR study progress?
  • Can I apply for credit transfer if I took some courses at another institution?
  • Are the grades of GUR subjects counted towards my Grade Point Average (GPA) and award classification?
  • What can I do if I failed to register for GUR subjects in the subject registration period?
  • Do I need to follow the progression plan of GUR study as stated in the Programme Document?

Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)

  • 3. Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)
  • Can I re-take passed GUR subjects to improve the GPA?

Service-Learning (SL)

  • 4. Service-Learning (SL)
  • When should I take the Service-Learning subjects?
  • Can I fulfill Service-Learning by taking some services off campus?