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Curriculum Structure

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4 Year Curriculum Structure

Colleagues who are involved in academic advising are expected to have a good understanding of the 4-year undergraduate degree structure at PolyU.

The structure and key components of PolyU's 4-year undergraduate curriculum (for a single discipline Major, or a Major plus a Minor) is shown below:

4YearDegreeChart 20200831

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Articulation Degree Programme Structure / Senior Year Intakes

Taking into account of the education background of the Articulation Degree Programme students, the curriculum structure, which reflects simpler General University Requirements, is shown below:

Articulation Degree Programme Structure

Curriculum Chart AD 20161019

Senior Year Intakes

Curriculum Chart SY 20161019

Note 1: Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree LCR (based on their previous studies in Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes and their academic performance) will be required to take degree LCR subjects on top of their normal curriculum requirement.

# The minimum credits requirement for major study in Senior Year Intakes is 51. The total credits required for major study varies from programme to programme. Senior Year Intakes student should check with their faculty/department for the total credit requirement for major study.

^ 3 credits each from 2 different cluster areas

*Students admitted in 2014-15 may take a 3-credit free elective to fulfill the Service-Learning requirements



Higher Diploma Curriculum Structure

Colleagues who have HD advisees are expected to have a good understanding of the HD structure at PolyU.

Taking into account the education background of HD students and the need for preparing our graduates for employment as well as for further studies, the overall credit requirements of the Higher Diploma programmes are as follows:

 1217Higher Diploma2


Programme Duration: 2 years full-time, with the possibility of a mandatory Summer Term