Support from OGUR

Experienced Academic Counsellors from OGUR provide academic advising for students at the institutional level, particularly on the area of GUR.

OGUR also provides supports to the institutional academic advising services by:

  • Working with CoGUR to provide the overall coordination and management of GUR subjects offering, ensuring that students can fulfill their GUR requirements in a timely manner,
  • Providing updated information on GUR to staff and students, offering training and support for Departmental Academic Advisors and Undergraduate Secretaries,
  • Overall coordination and quality assurance of academic advising at PolyU,
  • Promoting the consistent and quality practice of Academic Advising through the Community of Practice: Academic Advising (CoP: AA) in PolyU

The list of OGUR Academic Counsellors and their designated Departments/Faculties/Schools can be found here.