Academic Advising @ PolyU

The background, aims and proposed structure of academic advising under the 4-year undergraduate degree structure at PolyU are set out in the policy paper (LTC/42/A4 (revised in Nov 2017)) of the Learning and Teaching Committee.

The policy paper highlights the following:

“Academic advising at PolyU aims to help students to make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study at PolyU that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals. It is instrumental to promoting student success, and plays a vital role in enhancing students’ overall learning experience at PolyU”. (In Paragraph 4)

The objectives of academic advising at PolyU are:

  • to build up a connection between the students and their home departments and the University as early as possible;
  • to provide students with accurate information regarding their academic study;
  • to help students to explore their interests, abilities and aspirations on their study and to formulate appropriate intellectual, professional and personal goals;
  • to provide advice and guidance to students that enable them to develop and pursue a study plan in their undergraduate study;
  • to connect students to resources, opportunities and support within and outside the University to enhance their educational experience and success.

There is a dual system of academic advising at PolyU – department-based academic advising and academic advising at the institutional level operated by the Office of General University Requirements (OGUR).

The details of these two systems can be seen in the Academic Advising Handbook for Staff.