About Us

The Office of General University Requirements (OGUR) is overseen by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. Its major functions include planning and administration of General University Requirements (GUR) subjects, provision of student advising service in the area of GUR, and coordination of overall student advising activities within the University.

Mission Statement

The OGUR is committed to:

On General University Requirements (GUR) -
Oversee the smooth implementation of GUR subjects and help students acknowledge the importance and meaning of GUR in university education, and how GUR contributes to their personal growth and development of generic competencies.

For Students -
Help students develop their sense of self-direction and self-management, facilitate students to make informed and intelligent academic choices about their study at PolyU that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals.

With Academic Departments -
Collaborate and work closely with Academic Advisors and Undergraduate Secretaries in Departments to provide quality and effective advising, to nurture a supportive and student-friendly atmosphere.