The Office of General University Requirements (OGUR) plays a pivotal role in students’ academic and personal development through the administration of General University Requirements (GUR) subjects and the provision of academic advising.  Through GUR and academic advising, we empower PolyU students to realise their various academic goals and develop to their full potential.

GUR is an integral part of PolyU’s education. One of the key aims of GUR is to provide students with the opportunity to learn beyond their discipline of study and cultivate the following graduate attributes: critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, ethical leadership and lifelong learning. OGUR works closely with the University to ensure the smooth administration of GUR subjects for students to select subjects based on their interests, learning needs and holistic development. Our Academic Counsellors also advise students on their GUR subject choice and study plan. Students can also learn about GUR and academic advising through our eAdvising platform.

Apart from our advising service to students, we strongly advocate academic advising at PolyU. We are committed to working closely with Faculties/ Departments to build an advising culture at PolyU and promote the engagement of academic advising for students’ academic, personal and professional development.

I look forward to the positive impact of GUR and academic advising on our students and the University community.

Prof. Daniel T. L. Shek
Interim Head
Office of General University Requirements