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Publication (Selected A* Papers)

Date Contents Authors
forthcoming Ripple effects of hospital team faultlines on patient outcomes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Li, R., Choi, V. K. & Gelfand, M. J.
forthcoming Crowding-Out in Content Monetisation under Pay What You Want: Evidence from Live Streaming. Production and Operations Management. Yao, D., Lu, S., & Chen, X.
forthcoming The Easy Addendum Effect: When Doing More Seems Less Effortful. Journal of Applied Psychology. Lai, E. Y., Sevilla, J., Isaac, M. S., & Bagchi, R.
forthcoming Institutional Divide, Political Ties, and Contested Corporate Governance Reform in Taiwan. Journal of Management Studies. Chung, C. N., Luo, X. R. & Zheng, W.
forthcoming Why and when does CFO ranking in top management team informal hierarchy affect entrepreneurial firm initial public offering fraud? Journal of Management Studies. Zhang, Z., Gong, M., Jia, M., & Zhu, Q.
2023 Hierarchical Team Structures Limit Joint Gain in Interteam Negotiations: The Role of Information Elaboration and Value Claiming Behavior. Academy of Management Journal, 66(5), 1586–1616. Doyle, S. P., Chung, S., Lount, R. B., Jr., Swaab, R. I., & Rathjens, J. 
2023 The Award Goes To… Someone Else: A Natural Quasi-Experiment Examining the Impact of Performance Awards on Nominees’ Workplace Collaboration. Academy of Management Journal, 66(5), 1303-1333. Liao, H., Feng, Q., Zhu, L., & Guan, O. Z.
2023 Does Job Satisfaction Rise and Fall with the Economy? Cross-Sectional, Longitudinal, and Experimental Evidence That Job Satisfaction Increases during Recessions. Academy of Management Journal, 66(2), 688-709. Bianchi, E. C., Martin, C. C., & Li, R.
2023 A Dynamic Model of Owner Acceptance in Peer-to-Peer Sharing Markets. Marketing Science, 42(1), 166-188. Yao, D., Tang, C., & Chu, J.
2023 Augmenting fake content detection in online platforms: A domain adaptive transfer learning via adversarial training approach. Operations Management, 32(7), 2101-2122. Ng, K. C., Ke, P. F., So, M. K. P., & Tam, K. Y.

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