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PhD Graduates Placement


Name Graduation Year Institution Thesis Title
Dr Yuenlam BAVIK 2020  Deakin University A Social Projection Perspective to Psychological Contract Overfulfillment and Employee Gratitude
Dr Chung Kei Dorothy CHAU 2012  IT Governance and Agility: Organizational Information Processing Perspective
Dr Linying Sophie FAN  2019  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Effects of Resource Scarcity in Consumer Behavior 
Dr Yanyan FAN 2017 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Antecedents and Outcomes of CSR Strategies - Three Empirical Studies in China
Dr Dalu FANG  2017  University of International Business and Economics  Two Analytical Essays in Distribution Channels 
Dr Dongjin Helen HE  2019  Lingnan University  Effects of Secrecy in Consumer Behavior
Dr Marloes HEIJINK  2019  IG&H Consulting BV  Guilt Trips: How Nudity in Advertising Enhances Pro-Social Behaviour
Dr Jiexian Chloe HUANG  2022  Newcastle University  No Time to Enjoy The Extra! Aging and Consumer Reaction to Volume-based Sales Promotion 
Dr Rongwen Tina JIA  2017  University of International Business and Economics Could You Transfer My Voice To The Leader? Antecedents and Consequences of Transit Voice 
Dr Hao Kaylee KONG  2012  The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Innovation-oriented Leadership, Contingencies and Outcomes in the Multiple Stages of Innovation Process 
Dr Ka Fung Catherine LAM  2012  City University of Hong Kong  Interpersonal Relationships, Emotions, and Harming: the Role of Cooperative Goals 
Dr Chun Fong LEI
2017 Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College The Double-Edged Nature of Technostress on Work Performance: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis
Dr Jing Aaron LI 2017 Nanjing University  Three Studies on Exploring the Effectiveness of e-WOM on Customer Evaluation and Behavior 
Dr Siyu LI
2019 Xi'an Jiaotong University
Three Studies on Supply Chain Information Sharing and Coordination
Dr Xueni Shirley LI  2017  Hong Kong Baptist University  Service with Emoticons: How Customers Interpret Service Employees’ Use of Emoticons in Online Service Encounters 
Dr Zheng LI
Doctors in the People’s Republic of China: A Research of Profession and Professionalization
Dr Chuding LING  2019  Renmin University of China  An Investigation of the Antecedents and Consequences of Team Members' External Learning: A Bottom-Up Model 
Dr Fei LIU
2019 Harbin Engineering University
Three Studies on Exploring Mobile Health Services in China
Dr Ning Nicole LIU  2014  City University of Hong Kong  Corporate Compliance with Environmental Regulation in China: Style, Commitment, and Proactive Management 
Dr Qing Edward LU  2016 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law  Why Are We Committed to Work and Does Such Commitment Pay Off? A Cross-Cultural Investigation of the Nomological Net Surrounding the Relative Centrality of Work of Individuals 
Dr Peng LUO
2021  Sichuan University
Two Studies on User’s Choice Behavior on Online Platforms
2016 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Taking Charge as a Double-Edged Sword: Understanding Its Benefits and Costs from a Resource Perspective
Dr Xue Rose PANG  2019  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement and Disclosure Behaviors in China: A Stakeholder Perspective 
Dr Wei SI
2018  Tongji University
Coworker Justice and Its Interaction Effects with Supervisor Justice
Dr Shuisheng SHI  2018 Hunan University  The Cross-cultural Generalizability of Paradoxical Leader Behavior Theory 
Dr Jiaqi SONG
2019 University of Liverpool
Is All That Glitters Gold? The Effect of Product Glossiness on Consumer Judgments
Dr Yipeng TANG  2016 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law  Remove the Mask: A Relational Perspective on the Effects of Authenticity on Work-related Interpersonal Outcomes 
Dr Fenghao Andrew WANG
2022  Deakin University
The (Dys-)functionality of Within-Team Social Hierarchy: The Role of Power and Status as Hierarchical Bases
Dr Meng WANG
2022 Shenzhen University
Three Studies on Interfirm Relationships Under Supplier Encroachment and Online Channel Proliferation
Dr Qian WANG
2021  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Three Essays on Organizational Determinants of Data Breach Risk
Dr Yijie WANG
2021 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
How Consumers Make Unilateral decisions in Joint Consumption
Dr Tak Way David WONG  2019 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  The Effects of Supply Chain Innovation, Dynamic Capabilities on Supply Chain Performance in Fashion Industry 
Dr Pengkun WU  2019  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  Two Essays on Reduction of Fake Reviews 
Dr Ying Emma XIA  2018  Nanjing University  Is Paternalistic Leadership Challenge or Hindrance? Congruence Effect and Incongruence Effect of Authoritarianism and Benevolence on Employee Outcomes 
Dr Jialing Juley XIAO 2018  The Hong Kong Baptist University Organizational Cynicism: A Social Information Processing Perspective
Dr Hanhua Erica XU  2012 The Hong Kong Baptist University  How Am I Supposed to Live without You: An Investigation of Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Ostracism 
Dr Yukuan XU
2021 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Two Studies on Individuals’ Perception on Online Disinformation
Dr Haobin Ben YE
2012 Sun Yat-sen University
An Integrative Framework of Customers' Perceived Discrimination and Its Impact: An Empirical Study of Tourists in Hong Kong
Dr Hui Vivienne ZHANG
2012 Sun Yat-sen University
Medical Savings Account Balance and Outpatient Utilization: A Multivariate Analysis on the Impact of the Medical Savings

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